Friday Favorites

I’ve always thought that the “Friday Favorites” thing that bloggers do is kind of funny. Basically, they list a bunch of their favorite…whatever they feel like. Favorite recipe. Favorite music video. Favorite laundry room. Favorite faucet. Favorite post-apocalyptic dictator. Whatever they feel like. But you know what? It actually seems like a good idea. You have a post ready to go every week, and your readers get to learn a little about you. Neat!

Are you ready? Here is my first Friday Favorites list!


Favorite dystopian fiction: We, by Yevgeny Zamyatin
Guys. Some amazing works like 1984 and Brave New World were inspired by this book. This book got the author kicked out of Russia. Russia hated this so much, the first publication was an English translation, and it took 3 decades to be published in Russian. It is an incredible dystopian political satire. What I find very interesting about this work is that the narrator is very unlikable, at least to me. But the story through his eyes is wonderful. If you’re a huge dystopian fiction fan like me, definitely try to find this one!

Favorite indie company I haven’t tried yet: My Pretty Zombie
My Pretty Zombie
 sells mostly loose powder eye shadows and blushes. They’re all pretty colors, but I am madly in love with the names and aesthetics. The blushes are all named after different drugs (THC, Benzodiazephine, MDMA…) and many of the eyeshadows are named after injuries, diseases, cuts of meat…generally weird, gross stuff. And I love it. She has an eyeshadow named Anthrax and I don’t know how I have survived this long without it. Swoon!



Favorite decoration: These posters
How cool are these! Science posters! They all show layers–of the atmosphere, the earth, the ocean, and SPACE. They’re pretty, intelligent, and visually appealing. So sad that I don’t exactly have $150 to drop on posters at the moment…

Favorite girlfriend: Mine
I’m just saying. My ladyfriend got me an Erlenmeyer flask mug for Christmas! I am obsessed with mugs and Erlenmeyer flasks are objectively the best flasks. I guess she’s cool for other reasons too? Idk.

Favorite thing to procrastinate from: Quals
I’m taking my qualifying exams (so I can become a real live Ph.D. candidate) in a month or two, but I’ve been writing blog posts instead of studying! Heh.

There you have it–my favorites this Friday! Until next time,


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