Friday Favorites

Another week, another Friday! Let’s get the weekend rolling with another list of stuff I like right now.


Sailor Mars approved

Favorite beer: Atwater Brewery Vanilla Java Porter
Disclaimer: I am in NO way a beer connoisseur and I’m usually more a wheat beer girl, but I love this stuff. It’s like an iced coffee and a beer rolled into one. It’s not bitter, it’s just smooth and drinkable and coffee-esque. Yum!


One corner of my cozy studio! 🙂

Favorite DIY project: My new canopy!
I stuck a few Command hooks to my walls and strung up some twine, added cheap sheer curtains, and BAM! Now I have a gossamer fairytale bed!


red on red on red

Favorite lip product: Life’s Entropy Lip Theories
These liquid lipsticks are super opaque, come in a ton of bright, fun, flattering colors, and last all day. But the best part? The sample sizes come in microcentrifuge tubes!!


Your body’s sentinels

Favorite cell type: Macrophages
I’ve been reading a lot about macrophages as I study for my rapidly approaching qualifying exam. These guys are wicked awesome. Love your macrophages, everyone, they’re the first line of defense against microbes!

Favorite Facebook fans: MINE
I just made a Facebook page for this blog yesterday and invited a bunch of my friends to like it and made a little post about it and stuff. It was nerve-wracking! It’s just a little scary to put yourself out there like that, you know? But within a few hours I had 30 likes, which might as well be a million. I also received several sweet, supportive messages about it! I’m super happy that people are excited and supportive about my little crazy blog. 🙂 So to everyone who is reading this, who liked my Facebook page, who followed my Instagram, who sent a little note of support, whatever: from the bottom of my heart, thank you. It means a lot!

Until next time,


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