Mani of the Week: Julep Betty

Hello everyone! To kick off the new year, my mani of the week is in a beautiful sparkly red, Julep Betty!


*sparkle sparkle*

Betty is part of Julep’s birthstone collection, 12 polishes that are inspired by each month’s birthstone. This sparkly deep red is inspired by January’s birthstone, garnet. It is named after Betty White, who was born in January!


Dat macro

It’s easiest to tell in the macro that Betty is composed of purple-ish red tiny glitters suspended in a translucent red base. If you put it on pretty thick it can be opaque in three coats. It makes a cool jelly effect, where it looks like the sparkles are floating in the base.

Overall I think Betty is pretty fantastic and sparkly, and makes for a great polish to kick off the year with!

Questions of the day:
What is your birthstone? Do you love it or leave it?
Do you like to kick things off with a bang?

Until next time,


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