Geek Chic Cosmetics review: Les Femmes Tragiques solid scents

Hey team!
This will be my first review for a company I really like, Geek Chic Cosmetics! GCC offers a lot of products, like makeup, solid perfumes, and nail polish, that are all inspired by fairly geeky things. They have eye shadow inspired by Lord of the Rings, perfume inspired by video games, and nail polish inspired by Carl Sagan! Basically, these people understand me.

Today I’m reviewing a solid scent collection called Les Femmes Tragiques, which means “the tragic women.” I really like the concept behind this, probably because I am a card-carrying feminist (a Planned Parenthood membership card is BASICALLY a feminist card, right?). The stories behind the scents are so empowering, it highlights awesome women (real and fictional) throughout history, and the label artwork is fantastic.

The scents themselves are all feminine-leaning and wonderful. The solid formula is so creamy, it really melts into the skin and helps the scents last a long time. The scent descriptions on GCC’s website are a little long, so I trimmed them down a little here. Are you intrigued yet? Let’s go!


Showing off that pretty label artwork.

Benevolent Destroyer: …a clean and exotic mix of temple offerings; garlands of fresh orange blossoms, bowls of crushed melon and fruit, on a bed of fresh cut rose blossoms and sweet dried cannabis…
This scent is inspired by a Hindu goddess, Kali, who may have tried to destroy the world a few times. It happens, no judgement. This scent is fresh and green and fruity. The green is the star of the show though. It’s not too sweet, which is nice. It does smell a little dryer sheet-y. I can totally see this smelling like a big, spacious open-air temple.

Mortar and Pestle: …a robust melange of freshly ground spices with an emphasis on fresh ginger, sprinkled over a hot caramel apple baklava, drizzled with creamy white icing.
Mortar and Pestle is inspired by the Baba Yaga. This one is cinnamon-y and sweet, but a little too earthy to be a gourmand. As GCC says on their site, it’s the fresh ginger note that makes it a little earthy. It’s still really good though.

Original Sin: …a sweet and feminine mix of ripe and juicy red apples nestled in fragrant sweet pea blossoms and fresh pruned english ivy.
Original Sin is inspired by Eve (shocker!). The apple note is really bright and juicy, and the greener notes keep it interesting. It isn’t too sweet, because of the greenness. This is a very unique apple scent.

Pithos of Curiosity: …a rich and mysterious blend of smoky, yet sweet aged vanilla beans and ooey-gooey toasted marshmallow, swimming in a pool of decadent and herbal absinthe.
This scent is inspired by Pandora (apparently pithos is the Greek word for jar, which is what she originally carried instead of a box). I really wanted to love this one, but all of the sweetness is overpowered by the absinthe note. The absinthe is bitter and herbal and a little dryer sheet-y, and I don’t love it. This is definitely still wearable, just not as sweet as I was hoping it would be.

Queen of Shades: …a lush mixture of juicy jewels of pomegranate and sweet pearls of acai berry on a bed of sweet, fresh cut roses, just opening their blossoms. 
Queen of Shades is inspired by Persephone, Hades’ wife who was tricked into staying in the underworld with him. This is probably my favorite scent in this collection. It’s super sweet, juicy, and fruity, and just a tiny bit floral. I’m picky about florals, but I love love LOVE rose. The rose note here is on point, and really complements the pomegranate and acai in a great way.

Stone Gaze: …a cold, crisp blend of leafy eucalyptus and fresh spearmint. Soft wafts of cool sea air drift through stone ruins where only the bold leave offerings of heliotrope blooms, over-ripe pears, and crushed honeydew melons.
Stone Gase is inspired by Medusa. I didn’t know what to think about this scent at first, but it has really grown on me. It’s a very blue scent, reminiscent of blue skies and deep blue water. It’s a tiny bit sweet and fruity, but the blue-ness is definitely the star of the show here! This one also has a hint of dryer sheet.

Overall, I really like these scents, and the solid sticks they come in. The scents are surprisingly complex, and in a solid format they last forever!  The only thing I don’t like is the absinthe note in Pithos of Curiosity, which I’m a little sad about, and how several of them smell like dryer sheets to me. I’m still pretty happy that I have all of these though! Next I think I’m going to get the full Pie Hole scent collection, which has 8 scents that smell like different pies! It’s based off of Pushing Daisies, which I’ve never watched but that won’t stop me!

Questions of the day:
Which of these “tragic women” is your favorite? I personally love Medusa!
Have you ever tried solid perfume? What did you think of it?

Until next time,


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