Purplecat Creatives first impressions

Today I’m reviewing an indie bath and body company called Purplecat Creatives! I’ve heard a lot of great things about them and decided to get a “sampler’s dozen” of their body butters, so I could try out a lot of their different scents for cheap.


A few of my samples, look at those pretty labels!

These samples are 0.5 ounces and I got a dozen for $20. They are usually $7 for 4 ounces or $13 for an 8 ounce mega jar. 0.5 ounces is pretty petite, most samples of lotion I’ve seen are 1 or 2 ounces.


0.5 ounces Purplecat sample on the left, with a 2 ounce Haus of Gloi sample on the right.


0.5 ounce and 2 ounce lotion samples on their sides, so you can really see the difference in diameter.

My lightbox is not big enough for those guys. ūüė¶

The texture of these isn’t super thick or super thin. They seem whipped, which is always fun. It holds its shape in the jar well. It doesn’t feel ultra moisturizing, but it feels nice¬†on my hands.

I decided to do something new with this review, and smelled everything blind. This means that I sniffed everything, wrote about it, and THEN looked at the official description. Turns out I’m SO BAD at this. The “afterthoughts” section of each review is what I wrote after finding the official description.

Bohemian Lager: Rich lager blended with nuances of creamy pumpkin, dark patchouli, oak resin and subtle spice.
First sniff: This smells like yummy baked goods. Like a crumb cake!
On skin: This smells like a bar that serves microbrews (I can’t pretend I ignored the name of the thing, you guys), and cake. ¬†Something woodsy comes out on my skin too, like you’re standing at an old dusty wooden bar with a big frothy beer…and a slice of cake. And maybe a guy in a leather jacket is standing next to you. This smells a little sweet and a little manly, but in a way that I would totally wear. I think it could be unisex.
Afterthoughts: I definitely got the oak! I think it’s the pumpkin and spices that make me think of cake. I would guess it’s the dark patchouli that makes it smell a little manly? Maybe that mixed with lager! I still stand by the idea that this would be a good unisex smell. I maaaay have to get this one in a solid perfume.

Candlelight: Beeswax with an edge of honey, deepened with pipe tobacco, spiced patchouli, and the lightest hint of smoke at the finish.
First sniff: This smells sweet, and a little like soap? Maybe some spices? I can’t quite pin it down.
On skin: I still can’t pin this. It’s a little herbal and incensy and sweet.
Afterthoughts: So the sweetness is honey, the incense smell is patchouli and smoke, and the herby smell is tobacco! It does smell a little like a head shop now that I think of it. Heh.

Cheshire Chai: Delectable chai tea with notes of ginger, clove, nutmeg and cinnamon, rounded out with exotic frankincense.
First sniff: I smell all of the chai spices, but there’s also something a little unpleasant lurking in the background.
On skin: The spices are still there, but the unpleasant smell morphs into something a little more woodsy and smokey. Thank goodness. It smells like you’re drinking chai tea in a damp forest, just after the rain, next to a smoldering campfire.
Afterthoughts: How did I get “wet woods and a campfire” from frankincense??

Dreamcatcher: Warm caramel touched with an exotic blend of clove, nutmeg, chipotle and curry.
First sniff: This reminds me of butter pecan, but a little more savory.
On skin: The smell I was thinking of a savory really comes out on the skin, but it smells more sweet. It’s something I’ve smelled before, some food thing? But I can’t put my finger on what it is! It does smell a little like praline, nutty and sweet and salty. But there’s something else too, I think.
Afterthoughts: Curry!! The savory food thing was curry!! I don’t know why I thought of nuts, maybe because of the clove and nutmeg.¬†Also, may I add, the curry smell stays on me FOREVER. I mean, I love me some curry guys, but I don’t want to smell like it all day…

Firecracker: Sunny mangos balanced with roses and neroli blossom, spiced up with red pepper and cinnamon.
First sniff: It smells super fruity! Apples and peaches maybe?
On skin: As soon as I put this on, a very strong cinnamon smell blooms. Holy cow! It smells sweet and red, like redhots. The fruit is still there, but it doesn’t smell like apple cinnamon. Like, they don’t mix together, they’re just both there. I really like this one.
Afterthoughts: Hah, totally wrong about the fruit there.¬†I didn’t really smell the floral, though.

Harvest Moon: Blue spruce with a hint of crushed pine needles, combined with spicy nutmeg and biting cloves.
First sniff: Menthol and wood??
On skin: The menthol calms down and this gets a little woodsier on the skin.
Afterthoughts: Wooooow I was way off on this. The spruce and pine is this is soooo sharp and astringent, yet woody. And I didn’t catch the spices at all. This isn’t as outdoorsy smelling as I would have guessed from the description, I don’t really like it.

Hothouse Roses: Blooming roses blended with clove, vanilla and cinnamon.
First sniff: I LOVE THIS. I smell roses and caramel and cinnamon. It is divine.
On skin: The roses really come to the forefront here, but it is still rather desserty. I loooove this scent. I think it also lasts a lot longer than some of the other scents I got! I may have to get this in a solid perfume…
Afterthoughts: No caramel, the vanilla is just so strong and creamy here.

Pumpkin Cheesecake: Rich and dreamy cheesecake rippled with creamy pumpkin puree.
First sniff: Pumpkin spice! And frosting!
On skin: The spice in this is heavenly. It mixes with the graham cracker crust smell really nicely. I don’t smell the cheesecake as much in this one though!
Afterthoughts: This is definitely more pumpkin spice than pumpkin puree, imo. Still lovely though!

Queen of Hearts: Blooming roses (which might have been painted red, who can say?) balanced with passionfruit jam tarts (I might have stolen one) woven together with the barest hint of vanilla flower.
First sniff: Roses!!!
On skin: This turns into something weird and unpleasant on my skin. But then that fades and the roses come back.
Afterthoughts: The vanilla in this one is not as strong or creamy as the vanilla in Hothouse Roses, which I suppose makes sense, from the description. I don’t really smell the jam in this. This and Hothouse Roses are very different, but I love them both.

Raven’s Blend:¬†Fresh brewed coffee blended with dark chocolate, warm caramel, aromatic hazelnuts, almonds and cream.
First sniff: It smells like candy! Like a chocolate truffle. Yummmm.
On skin: Scratch chocolate truffle–it smells like a chocolate RASPBERRY truffle! Yummmmmmmm.
Afterthoughts: Sweet almond always smells like a berry scent to me! Not complaining. I thought I smelled caramel but I wasn’t confident enough to say. And the hazelnuts…that’s the candy I was trying to pin down at first sniff! Not a truffle, a Ferrero Rocher! Slash Nutella. I think that the coffee here juuuust keeps this from getting too overly sweet. Such a good scent!

Temptation: What scent would I give such a sinful name? Cheesecake….with graham cracker crust. ‘Nuff said.
First sniff: It smells like buttercream frosting!
On skin: Cheesecake!!!
Afterthoughts: Cheeeeeesecaaaaaaaake ūüėÄ

Twilight Gypsy: Rustic vanilla bean mingled with aromatic campfire for an exotic dance around a twilight bonfire.
First sniff: I smell sweet and floral stuff. Maybe something a little desserty.
On skin: This turns dusky and sweet on my skin. A little floral, a little powdery. Maybe something a little incensy. It’s ¬†hard to put into words but I really love it!
Afterthroughts: The vanilla is the sweet, the incense is the campfire! I don’t know why my brain made floral out of that, I don’t usually like florals but I really like this! Maybe this is what I want all florals to smell like. ūüôā

Overall, I only really loved a handful of these fragrances. I will definitely use and enjoy each of my sample body butters, but I may only get a handful of solid perfumes, and Purplecat Creatives may not be my go-to for good smells.

Questions of the day:
Are there any scents you’re particularly bad at identifying?
What do you usually do with products you don’t love?

Until next time,


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