Friday Favorites!

Hey team!
Another Friday, another favorites post, let’s go!
(This is my unofficial Blogging 101 post for today, since I’ve already customized my Widgets! Check them out, they’re to the right —> )

Favorite piercing: Septum
Guys, I just got a few fake septum rings so I can see how it looks….

I may or may not take the plunge in the next few months…stay tuned!


Favorite perfume: Sixteen92’s Salem
This stuff smells AMAZING. Like the outside in fall and incense. I really love it, can’t stop wearing it!


Favorite decorations: Alaskan!
Did you know that I grew up in Alaska?? I have a lot of decorations to remind me of that. 😀

Favorite hair color: Purple
I don’t think I ever want my hair to be a normal color again.

photo credit: Grim's Garden via photopin cc

photo credit: Grim’s Garden via photopin cc

Favorite Sailor Scout: Mercury
I mean, this isn’t like, new or anything. I just thought I would point out that Sailor Mercury is objectively the most superior of the Sailor Scouts.

Until next time!


2 thoughts on “Friday Favorites!

  1. myohmichael says:

    Purple Mohawk is a MUST. Septums I normally don’t like (and also I’m icked out by the idea of cleaning) but they can be super cute . I also like smileys lately but I imagine they bang up your teeth…


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