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Hey team!
I recently bought a bunch of samples from a newer indie company, Sixteen92! Sixteen92 specializes in perfumes, but recently started making lotions and body washes as well. I picked up a few lotion samples and their best sellers perfume sample pack. Spoiler alert: I am IN LOVE with this company. Check out this review and I’ll tell you why!

Hand and Body Lotion samples


Check out these cuties! 1oz. lotion samples.

These lotions are pretty thin in consistency. They also leave your hands a little wet sometimes. Not greasy or sticky or anything, just…wet. Not my favorite. It doesn’t seem super hydrating, but the smell lasts forever. Seriously. FOREVER. I’ve never used a lotion with a scent that that lasts as long as these!

Toasted Marshmallow smells exactly like it’s namesake in the jar. I’m not kidding. It smells exactly like a roasted marshmallow. On my skin, I think it smells more like sweet vanilla milk, which I might like even more (it’s a very comforting smell for me).

Warm Maple Sugar smells like butter rum Lifesavers in the jar and when I first put it on my skin (have you ever had those? I used to always get them in my stocking for Christmas, heh). After a few minutes though, it warms up and smells more maple-y! It smells just like maple sugar candy after a few minutes.

Perfume oil!


My free “baby” sample, Salem. It’s a 1 mL vial about half-full.

Salem: Damp leaves, church incense, Italian leather, dry birch woods, clove bud absolute, bonfire smoke
First sniff: This is fruity and sweet. It smells like sweet almond and berries to me.
On skin: It’s sweet sweet sweet. I think there’s definitely almond in this. I also smell something wet and ozone-y. I think the ozone really takes this out of gourmand territory and makes it something really unique. I really like it.
Afterthoughts: Huh, well I got that one TOTALLY WRONG. Why does this smell so sweet to me? The incense and leather I guess? Maybe the clove? I don’t smell spices or smoke in this. The leaves and woods definitely lend to that wet/green/ozone smell that I really like. Now that I smell it again I can catch the leather. But the listed notes do not sound like what I’m smelling at all. How bizarre.


The bestsellers! In sleek, gorgeous 2 mL vials.

Awakening: Ocean air, dark water, damp mosses, gulf mud, saltwater taffy
First sniff: Smells sweet, watery, blue yet a teeny bit gourmand.
On skin: Blue blue blue! Wow! There’s something in there that’s a little salty, and something little nutty and earthy, too. But mostly it smells like blue expanses to me, without smelling like the ocean.
Afterthoughts: The saltwater taffy is the sweet, gourmand part! I can’t pick out the other notes individually, but they come together to paint a picture that feels like those notes. If that makes sense? This one is hard to describe but I like it!

Black Sugar: A dark counterpart to Aquolina’s Pink Sugar. Spun brown sugar, red berries, vanilla and tonka bean absolute dance with a sprinkle of dirt, a swirl of cauldron smoke, and a drop of bittersweet cocao absolute.
First sniff: Smells sweet, like brown sugar, but caramelized? It’s pretty faint though…
On skin: This one’s hard to pin down! It’s sweet, like cotton candy, but there’s something dark and earthy in there, too. It’s so intriguing! It’s another one that smells different on the inhale and exhale, which I find really fascinating. After awhile, that duality fades away and it just smells sweet yet earthy. It’s a little smoky, a little chocolatey, but not gourmand or green. It’s unique and stays interesting.
Afterthoughts: I’d say the dirt and spun brown sugar are the strongest in this at first, the rest I’m not really getting. It is pretty faint even on the skin, though. It gets stronger over time and the smoke and cocao come out, still not getting berries though.

Lolita: Crisp apple skins, tart peach candies, rose absolute, sugared violet
First sniff: This smells pink! It smells like peaches and strawberries!
On skin: It’s a little more tart on the skin, but still sweet. It mostly smells like strawberries to me!
Afterthoughts: This smells SO MUCH like strawberries to me. How is there no strawberry in it?? It’s a mystery!

Mexican Hot Chocolate: Dark chocolate, milk chocolate, Mexican vanilla, cinnamon sugar, spicy pink & black pepper, and whipped cream
First sniff: This one you have to shake a little before you use! The chocolate is a little separated, which looks really cool. In the bottle, it smells sweet, chocolatey, and a little bit earthy (in a good way!)
On skin: It’s warm, sweet, cinnamony and a little hot. It seriously smells like fresh hot chocolate with a little bit of heat. It’s so gourmand and good. It did irritate my skin when I put it on my neck, which is a bummer, but it didn’t irritate my wrists.
Afterthoughts: The cinnamon and pepper notes are SO good. They smell spicy, hot and earthy, and really add to and balance the chocolatey aspect of this. Yum!

Shadow Show: Cotton candy and smoke, salty kettle corn and dirty machine oil, crisp autumn apples and sinister eyes piercing the night.
First sniff: It smells mostly sweet and a teensy bit earthy in the bottle.
On skin: It’s sweet, salty, and earthy. I definitely smell kettle corn and dirt. I normally hate fake popcorn scents, but this one is actually really really good. This smells like being outside on a chill fall day near a dirt road with a big bag of kettle corn! After a bit something tangy and metallic comes out, but it really adds to the scent.
Afterthoughts: This is the scent I was the most excited about because it sounds so unique (and I love going to the fair in my hometown!), and it did not disappoint. I don’t smell alllll of the individual notes, but the feel is all there. A+!

Wicked: Three vanillas, dark aged patchouli, almond buttercream
First sniff: I think I smell patchouli and smoke? It’s sweet, but there’s something darker there, too.
On skin: This smells super incensy! I’m starting to learn that my skin really amps patchouli and I am totally ok with that. I also smell something smokey and something salty. Like incense and a campfire and something briny all mixed together.
Afterthoughts: I was gonna say almond but I thought I was mixing that up with the patchouli (that happens sometimes). Their patchouli is so smokey, like incense that is actively burning, which is super cool. I really like this one!

Overall, I’m really happy with what I got here. The perfume oils are interesting and unique, and I can smell most of the morph into something amazing the moment I put it on my skin. They’re long lasting and evolve on your skin and they smell wonderful! The lotions were just ok, but the samples are cheap and low risk! And the smells last FOREVER so it might be worth it to get some just to enhance your perfume. 🙂 (I just put on the Toasted Marshmallow lotion with the Mexican Hot Chocolate perfume…OH MAN I think I am in love) I’m going to have to get a bigger perfume (they offer both 5.5 mL bottles and 10 mL rollerballs) in Salem, and maybe Awakening and Shadow Show, too. I also want to try a few more samples, I have my eye on I Saw Goody Proctor with the Devil (Mostly I just love that name!). Their spring collection is also coming out in early February, so I’ll probably hop on that, as well!

Questions of the Day:
Are there any notes you always get wrong? I always mix up sweet almond and berry notes!
Have you ever bought something just because it sounded unique?

Until next time,


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