Stitch Fix review: What I kept in my first two fixes!

Hey team!

I recently received my second package from Stitch Fix! Having Stitch Fix is like having your own personal stylist…over the Internet. So you can get awesome, high quality clothes handpicked for you whenever you would like, without having to go out and interact with people in the real world. You can try out an awesome, nice new shirt with your pajama bottoms. There is no judgement in the world of Stitch Fix.

When you sign up for Stitch Fix, the first thing you do is fill out your style profile. Your style profile is where you can list both your size and what you like and don’t like. You can tell them to never send you dresses or purses, or anything in the color red. You can tell them that you love miniskirts or only wear skinny jeans. Whatever, it’s your sense of style and you get to tell them all about it.

Next, you can schedule your fix. You can opt to get them every month, twice a month, every two months, or you can just order one-offs. The only problem with one-offs is that you have to schedule a date, and sometimes they are booked for a few months, so you may have to wait a while for your box. I get mine every two months.

I got my first box in November and my second box a few weeks ago! In every box, you receive 5 pieces, both clothing and accessories. Before you get a box, you pay a $20 styling fee, which goes towards anything from the box you purchase. Once you get the box, you have three days to try everything one, pair it all with stuff from your closet, whatever, then you pack up everything you don’t like in a pre-paid envelope they give you and shove it in the nearest USPS box. Done. Easy-peasy. Oh, but if you do buy everything you get a 25% discount! Pretty nifty.

Ok, now to my boxes! Of the 10 things I got in 2 boxes, I kept 4. Here are the pictures and deets, and I’ll add descriptions of what I didn’t keep after (no pictures though, sorry!). (PS: Sorry the quality of the pictures here isn’t so great, I’m still working on optimizing backgrounds and lighting and oh yeah my camera is actually my phone haha maybe I should have mentioned that first)

The pants are from my first fix, the shirt is from the second!

The pants are from my first fix, the shirt is from the second!

Tallulah Faux Leather Detail Pant by Liverpool (size 8, $88): Ok normally I would never EVER pay $88 for a pair of pants, but these are the comfiest god damned pants I’ve ever worn and I wear them all the time. They were a little too long at first and I had to cuff them, but they shrank after I washed them (they may technically be hand-wash only but I threw away the tag before I checked, oops!) and now they fit perfectly. These pants are stretchy like leggings, but they have a real button and zipper and real back pockets. They do not have real front pockets, which is a bit of a bummer but what can you do? Most importantly, which obviously you can’t tell from the pictures (boooo iPhone camera, I need to invest in a real camera soon!), it has faux leather detail going down the side. It’s like a faux detail panel going down the leg. I really really love it, it’s the little details that make or break things for me.

Sometimes I'm goofy.

Sometimes I’m goofy.

Stephen Colorblock & Striped Raglan Top by Pixley (size M, $58): Oh man. I love this shirt. Mustard happens to look great on me, and the stripes on the arms are so much fun. It fits like a dram. It’s hard to tell, but the cuffs on the sleeve are a little narrower than the rest of the sleeve, which keeps the sleeves from falling over my hands (I have very short arms). It’s hand-wash only, but I don’t mind handwashing and I feel like that will make it last longer. So much love for this one!


Just kidding, I’m always goofy.

Gilbert Houndstooth Knit Infinity Scarf by Octavia ($32): I’m still undecided about the scarf even though I got it like two months ago. I don’t normally wear red, it’s a little harsh for my skin tone. Even though I dyed my hair red and wear red lipstick all the time. ANYWAY, it also has a lot of loose threads coming out of it now, which is a bummer. But it is SO WARM and SO COMFY and I am SO HAPPY when I wear it even though I have no idea what to wear it with because I have no idea how style works and what if I look absolutely ridiculous and I just have no idea??? I don’t care, this scarf is the comfiest thing ever and that’s that.

My bae. I wear this literally every day. #noregrets

My bae. I wear this literally every day. #noregrets

Dorrian Graphic Knit Draped Cardigan by Moon Collection (size M, $68): OMG. YOU GUYS. THIS. THIS RIGHT HERE IS MY HOLY GRAIL. OMG. When I was little, I was constantly, and I mean CONSTANTLY, wrapped up in a blanket when I was at home. I was always chilly and always in a blanket (did I mention I grew up in Alaska? The flag behind me in these pics is the Alaskan flag). When I grew up and “matured” (lol) I had to switch over to hoodies. All day err day. But this. This guy. This cardigan is JUST like a sweater with sleeves. Forget snuggies. This is one million times better in every way. I wear it constantly when I’m slumming it at home. I just washed it for the first time yesterday (tmi? Sorry). I love this to Mars and back forever. FOREVER.

With the home-run gold star hits out of the way, here’s the part you’ve all been waiting for (maybe? idk I don’t know you): The misses.

Fix 1

Lyra 3/4 Sleeve Abstract Chevron Dress by Pixley: This dress was a box. It was shaped like a box. It had elastic at the waist and the ends of the sleeves, which was weird. Speaking of the sleeves, 3/4 sleeves turn into slightly-too-short-full-length-sleeves on me. This was not flattering.

Rosa Tab Sleeve V-Neck Blouse by 41Hawthorn: This was also shaped like a box, and also had 3/4 sleeves. Saaaaad.

Fix 2 (the long sleeved shirt up there is the only thing I kept from this Fix, saaaad)

Lex Mini Chevron Knit Fit & Flare Dress by Pixley: This dress fit perfectly, and I love fit and flares. I would have kept it for the fit, but the color was weird on me. It was very cool toned grey and blue and looked awful against my skin tone (I have pale but warm-toned skin. If you go by the seasons-coloring thing, I’m a spring). I never would have felt good wearing this.

Benfield Heathered Drape Front Cardigan by Caramela: This was so cute and cozy, apparently drape front cardigans are my new favorite thing. But the sleeves were SO LONG. Like it went past my fingertips. Bad bad bad.

Tori V-Neck Knit Top by Loveappella: This was just basically a t-shirt, nothing special, but it was incredibly thin, clingy, and cost $40. Noooo thank you.

Exuma Sweater by Skies are Blue: I am very particular about sweaters, and this was too thick, itchy, boxy, AND the sleeves were too long. Not to mention it was all icy cool tones again. No thanks!

Overall, I really enjoyed both of my fixes. I think it’s a really fun concept, and they clothes they send are usually pretty high quality. If you don’t like anything, you can send feedback and explain why. I hear that your fixes usually get better over time, as your stylist takes your feedback into account.

If you want to try Stitch Fix, you should sign up using my referral link! Using my referral link will give me a little credit to use on future fixes, and I’d be super grateful. 🙂 Thanks!

Questions of the day:
Are there any quality cheap cameras you would recommend?
Are there any colors that you like but that look horrible against your skin?

Until next time,


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