Geek Chic Cosmetics mini review–Blush and Primer

Hey team!

I have a mini review today for a few products from Geek Chic Cosmetics! I reviewed some of their solid scents here, but today I’m reviewing some of their makeup products. The first is their awesome eyeshadow primer, and the second is one of their blushes!

Power Up Primer

Primer Collage

Look at me, making collages and shit! Click for a bigger version, the difference is even more obvious! Don’t mind my bulgy arm-vein.

Power Up Primer: If you’ve never used a primer, it’s ridiculous how much they make color stick and pop. We made our own from scratch and after a ton of testing and tweaking it’s finally over 9000 and ready to perform some devastating finishing moves.
This is a wax-based, non-pigmented sticky primer. For the comparison shot, I used the Geek Chic eyeshadow Mockingjay. And holy wow–there is a HUGE difference! I find that it’s best to put down a pigmented, non-sticky primer, let it dry, then layer this on top. That way your eyeshadow doesn’t crease. I use this whenever I use powder eyeshadow from any company, and it makes a HUGE difference! My eyeshadow goes on so opaque and lasts all day! It does make blending a challenge, but it’s not a deal breaker. I absolutely love this stuff, I’m already planning to get more!

Loose Powder Blush

Mistress of the Dark blush: Lip safe, but not eye safe. Womp womp.

Mistress of the Dark blush: Lip safe, but not eye safe. Womp womp.

 Mistress of the Dark blush: Mistress of the Dark is a saturated hot red blush with a sprinkling of gold shimmer and golden sheen for an extra touch of glam. This blush is very pigmented so a little goes a long way. For best application tap brush before applying!
I kinda figured that if I was going to get a blush I might as well go all out, right? Wrong. They aren’t kidding when they warn you that it’s very pigmented! And this stuff is crazy bright. Even with a light hand it’s too bright for my cheeks, and I don’t love the gold shimmer. BUT, this makes an amazing gloss. Ah-maze-ing. I mix it with a little gloss base I got from Life’s Entropy Cosmetics, but you could mix it with any clear/light gloss. It makes a gloss that’s a great bright pink, opaque and a little shimmery. I’ll probably use the rest of my sample on my lips to be honest.

Overall, I’m really happy with both of these. I’m so happy Mistress of the Dark is lip safe because it makes an AWESOME lip gloss. And I use the Power Up Primer all the time. I really love Geek Chic Cosmetics, both for their feminine+geeky=AWESOME mentality that’s so close to my heart, and for their products (and prices! #poorgradstudent). I have several more reviews for them coming up so keep your eyes peeled!

Questions of the Day:
How do you feel about adventurous blush colors?
Do you consider yourself feminine and geeky? How do you express both?

Until next time,


7 thoughts on “Geek Chic Cosmetics mini review–Blush and Primer

  1. I always wear blush. It and mascara are my must haves- my mom inadvertently gave me a complex about blush as a young girl so I always wear VERY pink blush. But I’m very wary of other shades. This red tint looks a little too adventurous for me but it looks great on lips! I’m addicted to MAC cosmetics and I rarely venture out, so I love that you can try all this first for me haha.

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  2. Comment attempt round 2:
    I love blush. It’s a must for me after my mom inadvertently gave me a complex about it when I was young. So I always wear VERY pink blush, but other shades make me a little nervous. And this shade looks a little too adventurous for me. But as a MAC cosmetics addict, I rarely venture out and try new things so I love that you are doing all the experimenting for me!


  3. I consider myself feminine and geeky. I am a book hoarder (and reader) and comic book nerd. I knit… a lot. But I dress like a lady ~5 days of the week (I love an androgynous look too, hence the haircut, my figure, my armpits lol. but my pit hair also makes me feel more feminine sometimes? in a painting way). I LOVE perfume and obviously makeup. I read a ton of female writers. I love my lady superheroes.

    Anyway… for that blush, have you tried a stippling brush? That’s how I get crazy pigmented blushes to work on me, and I’m ultra fair. It looks awesome as a gloss, though!

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