Geek Chic Cosmetics review: Ever In Your Favor collection (& more!)

Hey team!

I have eyeshadow swatches from Geek Chic Cosmetics to share with you today! During their Black Friday sale I picked up samples of all of their eyeshadows in the Ever In Your Favor collection (inspired by The Hunger Games!!), as well as their color of the month, The Troubles. I’ll also share a shade I owned already, Lady of the Golden Wood (inspired by Galadriel from LotR).

Ever In Your Favor

I did these swatches in my new lightbox, so they're the best quality, hehe.

I did these swatches in my new lightbox, so they’re the best quality, hehe.

The Dark Days: A blackened pine green.
This is a super dark green. Blackened pine is a good description. It’s dark enough it can be hard to tell it’s green (I have trouble differentiating dark colors), but it’s very pretty. It has just enough sparkle to keep it interesting.

Girl on Fire: A pale pink with a red glow that blossoms into something much more vibrant, and darker, when swatched.
The website swatch for this looks like a pinky purple, and the description claims it’s pink, too. I disagree. It’s mauve. It leans brown. Even the loose powder on the website looks light pink, mine looks dark mauve. This is the only color in this collection that I saw a huge difference from the website description, though.

I did these swatches in my new lightbox, so they're the best quality, hehe.

Star Crossed Lovers: An intense red-toned royal purple. The purple of your dreams.
This is a great dark red-purple. It has some purple glitter, but it’s not overwhelming.

Victory Tour: A unique color-flipping shadow that morphs from a gorgeous semi-metallic golden peach to a semi-pearl mauve-y, dusty, pinky purple.
This is a pale pink that makes a great all-over color on me! It’s a little shimmery but again, not overwhelmingly sparkly.

Baker Snares collage

Baker’s Boy: A greyed out, mid-toned taupe shadow with a soft pearl/matte finish. This cool-toned shadow is great in the crease or all over the lid.
This is a really nice pale beige that I love to wear all over. It’s the most matte shade in this collection.

Boy With The Snares: A soft golden olive green.
This is a brown-leaning olive with just a little bit of shimmer to keep it interesting.

Mocking Volts Rue Collage

Mockingjay: A metallic antique gold.
This is a gorgeous metallic gold. It has copper powder in it and I find that if I apply it too heavily it irritates my eyes, which is such a bummer because I love this!

Nuts & Volts: A shockingly vibrant copper that can add the perfect amount of spark as a crease color, or be taken all the way as an electrifying lid color.
I LOVE this color. I think it’s my favorite in the collection. (I guess it’s no coincidence that Beetee and Wiress are possibly my favorite characters in the series…) This is a beautiful sparkly copper color! This one contains bronze powder, which for some reason didn’t irritate my eyes like the copper powder?? (bronze is a copper alloy)

Rue’s Lullaby: A warm honey gold, with tons of shimmer.
I would call this one “antique gold” before Mockingjay. It’s a brown-leaning gold metallic. It also contains bronze powder and does not irritate my eyes.

Other Shadows

Lady Troubles Collage

Got the name of Lady of the Golden Wood slightly wrong, ooops.

Lady of the Golden Wood (from the Fellowship collection): A deceptively complex pearly white, with golden hilights and flares of red and violet.
This shade is pretty sheer and makes a good highlight. I agree with the description of “deceptively complex,” it just looks white but has so much sparkle and a red sheen to it. I love it a lot, and use it all the time.

The Troubles (Color of the Month, Nov/Dec 2014): A stormy dove grey pearl shadow with a sprinkle of icy silver shimmer.
The name of this shadow is a reference to a SyFy series, Haven, which is based on a Stephen King novel called The Colorado Kid! I was pretty excited when I learned that, because I didn’t get the reference but I have read The Colorado Kid. It was a pretty intriguing book, King’s take on a noir mystery novel, basically. Anyway, I had a really tough time photographing The Troubles, it basically disappeared, especially in the macro. But it’s such an impressive shiny silver. Silver isn’t normally my jam but I think this looks awesome on my inner lids.

Overall, I just loved the Ever In Your Favor collection, and the other eyeshadows I have from Geek Chic. The Ever In Your Favor collection was full of purples, greens, and golds, which are my jam. They work really well with my warm-toned skin and green eyes, so if your coloration is similar you might love it too!

Questions of the Day:
Who was your favorite Hunger Games character?
Are you a Stephen King fan? I think it surprises people when they find out how much I love his books!

Until next time,


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