Flavor Friday

Hey everyone!

Happy Friday! Today’s Blogging 101 assignment is to create a regular feature for my blog…well that’s funny, I already have two! I do Mani of the Week on Wednesdays and Friday Favorites, or another short and sweet post, every Friday! Today, I’m doing something a little different, inspired by the Blogging 101 assignment post…Flavor Friday!


We had a blizzard in New England earlier this week. Well, we had a snowstorm with a lot of hype. It snowed about 8.5 inches, which to me is pretty….blah. Hey, Alaska gave me very high expectations for winter, ok?

Despite the mediocrity of the storm, I was not a happy camper on Tuesday and Wednesday. I have a plate in my left shoulder (broke my collarbone in college), and it makes my entire back and neck hurt when the weather gets stormy. I’m also prone to migraines during bad weather. I spend most of Tuesday and Wednesday curled up in bed in a little ball of pain. Lucky me?

At some point on Tuesday I fell asleep in a pile of pillows on my bed with my computer on my lap. I woke up to the sound of my amahzing girlfriend doing something in the kitchen, and the smell of sweet lemons, before dozing off again. I spent a while in and out of sleep, and when I woke up, my lady had made a batch of vegan lemon cookies! I had a few right out of the oven (and I mean RIGHT out of the oven, they were still gooey!) and they were heavenly. It was a wonderful treat to wake up to!

Want the recipe? Here you go! I’m not vegan, but I loooove vegan desserts, and these were incredible. They’re sweet and just lemony enough, but they don’t use lemon extract or flavoring at all! It’s pretty fantastic.

Until next time,


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