Geek Chic Cosmetics review: Joysticks and Geek Gloss

Hi all!

Today I’m reviewing more goodies from Geek Chic Cosmetics! I’ll be sharing their lip products that I own. GCC sells two types of lip product: Joysticks (lipstick) and Geek Gloss (lip gloss). I have picked up several of each over the last few months.

I’d like to apologize right away for the pictures, I’m still trying to figure out how to get the best pictures of product on my lips. Also, I decided to swatch them all at once, but my skin is VERY sensitive and it got all irritated and red around my mouth by the time I was done, AND my lips got super dry and chapped. :/

Also, spoiler alert but….I’m not in love with these products, and I probably won’t be buying more lip products from Geek Chic. Read on to see why…


Stick Swatches

My first issue with the Joysticks is clear in this picture–the tops are not even when you get them. Most have a depression on top (this is super obvious in the Hipster Ariel swatch–see the C on the right?), but my stick of Nightlock has a big lump on the top. It makes it pretty difficult to apply evenly. The opacity also varies a LOT, you can see here that Dream Land and The Reaping are both pretty sheer, but Hipster Ariel and Nightlock are opaque.

Reaping Lips

The Reaping over bare lips.

The Reaping: A sheer, smooth silver that can be built up and worn as an edgy futuristic robot lip, or applied thinly as a shimmery highlight to another color. Your choice! Lightly flavored with sweet buttercreme flavor.
This is super sheer, and doesn’t go on very evenly. It would be better over another color for sure.

Ariel lips

Hipster Ariel: Hipster Ariel is a rich, opaque, pearlescent teal. Hipster Ariel is lightly flavored with sweet buttercreme flavor. Slap some on and be hip under the sea!
I actually really like this one. This was the first Joystick I got, it’s very opaque, doesn’t budge, and it’s got a neat metallic sheen. It’s so unique! It gave me high hopes for the rest of the Joysticks, but unfortunately it seems that the quality is inconsistent. It’s a little sad that this one is so good because there will be so few opportunities to wear it!

Nightlock lips

Nightlock: A dark and dangerous vampy purple that will put your lips on just the right side of deadly. Lightly flavored with sweet buttercreme flavor.
This is a nice opaque purple, it’s just not the right shade of purple for my skin. Moving on.

Dream lips

Dreamland: Dream Land is a peppy bubblegum pink coral lipstick with a semi-matte finish. Perfect for day looks, and helping save Dream Land! Lightly flavored with sweet buttercreme flavor.
This is incredibly sheer and hard to build up, it looks patchy. I didn’t love it.

Geek Gloss

Gloss swatch

I really like the formula of these glosses, but the application is a nightmare. They’re in those tubes that have a brush on the top and you twist/click the bottom and gloss comes out on the brush. The gloss just doesn’t saturate the brush well, so there’s tons of gloss in the middle and not much around the sides, so when I swipe in on I get a thick glob in the middle. It’s also hard to clean and gets pretty gross.

Mana Potion over Hipster Ariel.

Mana Potion over Hipster Ariel

Mana Potion: Mana Potion is a sparkly, opaque, soft china blue lip gloss. Gives your lips a coat of frosty blue with a sprinkle of rainbow glitter! Goes great on lips of all skin tones! Lightly flavored with sweet buttercreme flavor.
I got this color with Hipster Ariel. It’s fun. I don’t see any rainbow glitter in it, or any glitter at all really, and I wouldn’t say that it’s opaque on its own.

Moon Princess Guardian over purple lipstick (not Nightlock)

Moon Princess Guardian over purple lipstick (not Nightlock)

Moon Princess Guardian: Moon Princess Guardian is a vibrant royal purple gloss with a soft golden sheen and a bold burst of gold shimmer! Lightly flavored with sweet buttercreme flavor.
I like this one, it’s a blue-leaning purple with gold glitters. I would wear it more if it were easier to apply.

Guardian of Venus over bare lips

Guardian of Venus over bare lips

Guardian of Venus: Guardian of Venus is a luxurious golden gloss with metallic sheen and tons of gold shimmer. Strong enough to be worn alone but can be worn sheer over lipstick for a touch of golden glam! Lightly flavored with sweet buttercreme flavor.
This is also not opaque enough to wear alone. I like it over lipstick sometimes, but I had originally picked out a cute pink lipstick to wear it over for this picture and…when I put this over the lipstick it melted. Right on my lips. It separated out like oil and vinegar. It was so gross. I have no idea why that happened. So I just took a gross patchy picture over bare lips. This does not work over bare lips.

Overall, I’m mostly disappointed with these, except Hipster Ariel, but when can I wear that?? They’re hard to apply and not always opaque. I won’t be buying more.

Questions of the Day:
Have you ever bought an unwearable makeup color just for the hell of it?
Have you ever had lipstick and gloss just react together weirdly?? Nothing like the Venus incident (lol) had ever happened to me before!

Until next time,


4 thoughts on “Geek Chic Cosmetics review: Joysticks and Geek Gloss

  1. I usually use aquaphor as a lip gloss because I’m 1) super glam and 2) super dry. Sometimes lipsticks get a little weird under there. And I end up eating a lot of aquaphor…..

    I buy crazy hues all the time. 🙂 I wear orange and bright purple a lot, but those are becoming standard lip colors. I want a blue. I love black, and I have a great black lippie, but I get approached by kinky weirdos if I wear it out. Seriously, guys ask if they can have a picture with me. (?) Come on, I’m just trying to be edgy… people ask all these goth questions all of a sudden. Can’t I have a dark (naturally) pixie and black lips and rock my docs with less questions pleeeeease? end rant.

    Rock your mermaid lips as you please. Lips are the new nails.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Driver-by facepainter says:

    I would recommend different geek chic glosses I’m waiting on my tube of Banished (A metallic blue, and of what I’ve seen of it I’m very impressed). I just ordered Moon Princess Guardian and Guardian of Venus, and I’m dissapointed they’re not opaque glosses as per the images on their site. I think they’re trying to appeal to a broader market with less niche shades (they axed their Farscape line in favour of yet more natural-ish colours. waaah!) which is understandable, if disappointing.

    I have Momo, A peachy gloss with gold glitter, their red lipstick, nude lipstick, and burgundy lipstick, all of which are very pigmented considering their cost (Pigment is almost as good as my Elisabeth Arden red in comparison, but more creamy and slightly more liquid.)

    I’m sort of reconsidering buying makeup from them as often as I do because of the loss of diversity in their product line. They still have a *lot* of niche colours, but they’re more of your garden variety pastels.


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