Life’s Entropy review: Animal Sanctuary eyeshadows

Hey all!

Another Life’s Entropy review for you today! This time I’m taking a look at the eye shadows in their Animal Sanctuary collection. Animal Sanctuary is a mostly neutral collection inspired by animal puns, and it has a lot of fun colors!


I ordered samples of the Animal Sanctuary collection, but since I made a big order, I got a random full-sized shadow, Monkey Business! This picture shows the sample and full size side-by-side so you can really see the size difference.

Swatches 1

Sorry for the yuck quality, I was just learning how to best swatch! These pictures are normal phone pictures, the single-color pics are macro shots.

Monkey Business

Monkey Business: A shimmery medium golden brown with strong gold shift.
This was my full size! It’s a nice brown but not my favorite in this collection. You can def see the gold shift in this picture, it’s got some gold sparkle, too!

Quick Brown Fox

Quick Brown Fox: A bold satin orange with gold shift that transforms into a blood red-orange with red shift when swatched over primer.
Oh man. I love this color. It is seriously the perfect fox orange! I feel like I could do a great fox costume using this. It’s GORGEOUS.


Elephantry, My Dear Watson: Medium khaki-brown (like Asian elephants) with slight silver shift (resembling African elephants).
The silver shift in this is GORGEOUS. Like, ugh. Wonderful. This is just a little too dark for me to use in my crease though. Maybe I’ll try it as a liner or a teeny bit in the outer v? Idk, I need to experiment more!

Bad Hare Day

Bad Hare Day: Semi-shimmery medium peach-beige with gold shift. Darkens to a tawny peach when swatched over primer.
This is a little peachy-orange, but not as dramatic as Quick Brown Fox.

Turtle-ly Wicked

Turtle-ly Wicked: A semi-shimmery medium olive green with strong gold shift. Deepens to a dark olive green when swatched over primer.
This is a nice, warm, medium green. Also, ignore the swatch, my sample was very weird…it clings to the sides of the baggie so it’s hard to get out. I also like the sparkle in this!

Swatches 2


Happy Annibearsary: A shimmery dark reddish brown with strong gold-red shift.
This is a super dark brown with red glitters! I usually use this wet as an eyeliner, and I really love it.

Oh Deer

Oh Deer: A shimmery peach beige with strong gold shift. Darkens to a medium orange brown when swatched over primer.
This color is another favorite! Depending on how much you use, it can be a light wash all over the lid, or it can be a dark crease color. Oh Deer is its own transition shade! I love how versatile it is.

Stay Pawsitive

Stay Pawsitive: A shimmery light golden white with a gold-copper-red shift reminiscent of a Golden Retriever’s fur coat. It is more pink-opal on bare skin but whiter and golden on top of primer.
This color is a pale, shimmery gold, and it makes a great highlight shade on me!

Owl Love

Owl Always Love You: A shimmery reddish silver-grey with strong silver-gold shift. Darkens to a slate grey over primer.
This color is a stunning sparkly grey-silver. It’s really nice paired with Geek Chic’s The Troubles!

Swatches 3

My Mane Man

My Mane Man: A satin-finish sandy yellow with majestic gold shift. Deepens to a dirty gold over primer.
My Mane Man is an awesome shimmery mustard yellow. I love to use this one on my lid!

Just Kitten

Just Kitten: A medium pink-mauve with strong gold shift. Darkens when swatched over primer.
Just Kitten is another brown that I don’t find myself reaching for a lot.

Horsing Around

Horsing Around: A medium golden brown with a strong red shift especially when swatched over primer. Semi-shimmery.
Yet another brown I don’t use a lot. Moving on.


Dismember: It looks flesh colored in the jar but the red shift appears once swatched on the skin (symbolizing blood).
This was my other free sample! It’s from their DotA-2 inspired collection, Secret Shop. It’s just a nice pale taupe, very good to use as a wash for the whole eye, but it has this awesome red sheen that sets it apart! It’s so hard to photograph, but it it so so cool.

Overall, I really liked this collection! I think it was maybe a little too big, a few too many browns, but I liked most of the shades. My favorites are Quick Brown Fox, Happy Annibearsary, and Stay Pawsitive. I also use Dismember all the time! I may get more shades from the Secret Shop collection, it’s heavy in purples and greens, which are also my jam, but I haven’t decided!

Questions of the Day:
What are your favorite eye shadow colors?

Do you have any tips for getting great swatches?

Until next time,


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