Small Fry Friday: Darling Clandestine Halochrome review!

Hey team!

I’ve decided to change my Friday posts a little! I was trying to do Friday favorites, but they’re a little boring. So now I’m going to do Small Fry Friday (lol), and just end the week with a short post about whatever I feel like posting about. 🙂

Today I’m here to share a mini review of another Darling Clandestine perfume oil, Halochrome. I’ve been really excited to try this one, because it was inspired when the owner, Evonne, saw a picture of a fluorescently-stained cell line. Guys, fluorescence imaging is pretty much what most of my thesis work will be. And I may even use halochromic substances (guys that change color with pH) to measure the pH of intracellular structures. So basically…I was legally obligated to get it. Basically. 

As a side note, she also has a scent called Gram Negative, and since the bacterium that I work with is gram negative I am also legally obligated to pick that up THE MOMENT I next see it in her store. BASICALLY.

I picked up Halochrome in an Itsy-Bitsy bottle (half a dram, and yes that is seriously what they are called, isn’t that so cute??). Halochrome is not currently available in the shop, and I don’t know when/if it will be again! If it pops up, run, don’t walk, to your computer to get it.


Halochrome: Tanika showed me a really pretty fluorescent germ-cell stain. It made me want to create something deep but bright. She told me she’s fond of the term “halochromism”—color changes that happen in certain substances and tissues because of a change in pH. I suddenly decided I wanted a fragrance with a “color shift,” one that would run the gamut of ROYGBIV. Thus was born a synaesthetic adventure for your skin.

I chose “red” elements, “orange” elements, “yellow” elements and so on, down to violet (it’s not violet; come on, that’s predictable), blending so there would be a nice transition between each color shift. I know that’s not easy to conceptualize. Neither is this fragrance. But it’s bright. Bright, bright, bright, with deep blues to ground it. She’s a rainbow.

First sniff: It smells soapy and fresh, a little spicy, a little green, a little sweet. It’s super complex already, a little different with each sniff.
On skin: When I first put this on, it’s very green, it smells like fresh plants. It’s very alive. After a bit, it becomes soft, sweet and floral–pink, if you will. It’s also a little blue and watery at this point. It always smells very alive, and very fresh to me. A little later it smells very metallic, which I associate with yellow. It fades really fast, which is a little sad.
Afterthoughts: Of course this was going to be impossible to describe! I love the inspiration for this, and I love the description. I like how she calls it “a synaesthetic adventure for your skin,” both because it’s pretty damn accurate, and because I have synesthesia and it’s pretty cool to see it getting some good press. 😉 But I really, reeeaaally like the scent itself. I love how fresh and alive it smells. I don’t love that my skin apparently devours it! I’ll just have to bathe in it, I suppose!

Question of the Day:
 Are you passionate about your job? Do you nerd out a little when you find something that reminds you of what you do?

Until next time,


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