Mani of the Week!

Hey team!

Another week, another mani! This is a color that I got in my first Dottiebox (review coming soon!). I think it’s really stunning on its own, I’ll let the picture do the talking!

Polish Swatch

This is the color Royal Affair by Lillian Eve. Now, I have a hard time telling dark colors apart, so based on the name I thought it would be purple. But instead, it’s a stunning deep blue! The pic shows two coats with no topcoat, but you could get away with one. The polish goes on very smooth and self-levels quite nicely, and dries to a satiny sheen. I just love it and would totally recommend this color to anyone!

UPDATE 2/15/2015: Holy shit guys this STAINS. IT STAINS SO BAD. My nails were so so blue after I took this off. 😦 😦 😦 I was able to get it off using Julep Vanish, but if you don’t have a product like that I wouldn’t use this color!

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