Feminism Friday!!

You know what? I decided that I don’t need a set Friday theme, it’s my blog and I can do what I want! So today you get Feminism Friday! Whattup!

Today I wanted to share with everyone the awesomeness that is Princess Awesome. Princess Awesome is a small clothing line dedicated to making adorable dresses for girls…with awesome, gender stereotype-bashing prints! They’re currently hosting a Kickstarter campaign to help them produce more of their dresses. They will be offering dresses with a super colorful Pi print, a fun dinosaur print (which I now want on everything I own), a pirate print, and an orbital shell print. I’m mostly excited about the atomic orbital dress, how cool is it to introduce chemistry to girls at such a young age!!

And before you ask…no, I absolutely would not have worn these as a kid. I could not stand dresses, I was waaay to rough-and-tumble for that. But middle school Allie would have done anything for that pirate print dress in her size. JUST SAYING.

BUT, despite my questionable childhood fashion choices, I think that what these ladies are doing is frickin fantastic. We need the world to hear that yes, it is ok to be girly and like math. It is ok to want to wear dresses and love dinosaurs. It is ok to embrace your feminine side and also study chemistry. Be who you want to be, girlfriends. At any age.

Until next time,


3 thoughts on “Feminism Friday!!

  1. Superlike! I was a tomboy kid, and I hated getting all dolled up for church. But maybe if dresses seemed a little more “me” I would have been swayed to wear them. 🙂 I think it sounds like a great company. Thanks for spreading awareness!

    Next, maybe two of my favorite patterns… sharks and trombones!

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