Darling Clandestine Valentine’s Collection!

Hey team!

Happy late Valentine’s day! Today I’m here to share Darling Clandestine‘s Valentine’s day collection. I’ve only ordered from Darling Clandestine twice but they’re quickly becoming my favorite perfumery. Their scents are just so unique and lovely! Their Valentine’s collection is unfortunately unavailable now…it sold out quick! But some spring collection scents are up for sale now, so act quick!

Valentine’s Limited Editions


Bouquet of Scorpions: …notes of intense grapefruit, charred mesquite wood and torched sage, finished with a splash of cool agave to dull the edge.
First sniff: Bright and sweet and sour!
On skin: This is super citrusy, it smells like grapefruit and something else tempering it a little. Something woody and herbal, I would say. The combination is amaaaazing.
Afterthoughts: I love grapefruit! I really love this whole combination, it smells so good all together.

Noose Jewelry: …notes of true raw carrot, mulberry, honeysuckle and (yes, I went there) a nice dirty green patchouli.
First sniff: This one has a few layers to it, so it definitely needs a good shake before you open it! On first sniff, it smells a little dirty and a little sweet, but not a typical fruit or floral sweet.
On skin: It’s herbal and sweet and dirty, it reminds me of a garden! It smells super familiar but I’m not entirely sure why, I think it’s some floral note that I’m recognizing.
Afterthoughts: Honeysuckle!! Honeysuckle always reminds me of when I lived in Arkansas as a kid, and raw carrots remind me of gardening as a kid. The mulberry is definitely adding to the sweetness, but it doesn’t smell like a typical berry sweetness.

Reddit Hug of Death: notes of intense black tea infused with a trio of fruits—strawberries, blackberries and sweet red apples—grounded with vetiver and ginger and tonka bean.
First sniff: I smell fruit and white tea!
On skin: Fruit fruit fruit. It reminds me mostly of strawberries. It’s not overly sweet though, and it’s not very tart. It definitely still reminds me of fruity white tea.
Afterthoughts: Weird that it’s black tea and I was convinced that it was white. I don’t think I’ve smelled a tea note this good, though! It seriously kinda makes me want to drink it. Or at least, I would drink something that smells like this!



Coma Cluster: Coma Cluster is an all-botanical natural fragrance featuring classics like dark sweet coffee oil and cocoa absolutes, delicate essence of orange blossom, and an oh-my-you-have-got-to-be-kidding-me dynamite Bulgarian rose otto. Hugs close to the skin all night, all night.
First sniff: I definitely smell chocolate and roses, and the combination is divine.
On skin: The chocolate is pretty strong at first, but it fades quickly. Soon it’s all floral–yummy, sweet rose and white floral.
Afterthoughts: Yup, definitely coffee and chocolate followed by florals. The combination is honestly even better than I expected!

Open Shark

Love and Sharks Blue Edition: There’s no cherry in this blend. Complementing the salty sharkskin instead is a swirl of blueberries and blackberries, taffy-pull vanilla, aged rum and a dusting of dark cocoa.
First sniff: Chocolate covered blueberries!! Guys, I don’t even want to use this because the cocoa powder on top just looks so cute!
On skin: Oh snap, this really transforms on the skin. Now it smells like chocolate covered blueberries by the ocean! It’s a little salty and a little animalic. It reminds me of fish. And candy. It’s confusing. But I really like little fishing towns, like Seward and Valdez, and this makes me think of strolling near the shore, where there are little stations for fishermen to clean and prepare their fish right there, in the open air. I can definitely smell that in this.
Afterthoughts: I don’t know how the hell she made this smell like sharkskin, but…I imagine this is exactly what it would smell like, salty and animalic. Sharkskin always makes me think of the Swiss Family Robinson, one of the sons makes sharkskin gloves so that he can climb trees! (sharkskin is rough like sandpaper) ANYWAY I really like this scent!

Bitsies and Itsy-Bitsy


Blue Valentine: A moody bouquet of hyacinth and violet and poppies and figs, washed down with shots of real whiskey and bitters and delicate musks and mint. Very potent, very heady. 
First sniff: This is sweet, blue, powdery, and a little bit boozy.
On skin: This is super floral, a little watery, with something that reminds me of Play-Doh in the background. So I guess floral and salty?
Afterthoughts: Huh, I have no idea where that Play-Doh smell is coming from. Maybe the musk and whiskey? Weird! I think I’m going to let this one sit and come back to it later.

Vardøgr: Dark, damp, herbal—mossy forest floors, sunken alleys, underground spaces—with a dozen unlikely notes including pure essential German chamomile, bitter black coffee, hazy Indian musks, sharp herbs and a whip of leather.
First sniff: This smells manly and woodsy to me. Also, I want to point out: this is filled to the BRIM. Oh man! And this was a free gift with this order, so it’s super generous!
On skin: Woods, pine, menthol. It reminds me of the woods in winter, even though it doesn’t smell like that. It smells cool and ozoney too, maybe a little resiny? I feel like it smells different every time I sniff it!
Afterthoughts: Dark, damp, and herbal totally describes this. I would guess that I associate it with the forest because of my own background, and because of that I find this very comforting. But I think that this will evoke something different for everyone!

Spurn: Fierce and passionate, with bright bursts of pomegranate, tempered with aged wood and haunted by marigolds.
First sniff: This is super sweet and fruity. I also got this one as a free gift, so I’m pretty excited it smells good so far!
On skin: Definitely still fruity, there’s something floral and almost soapy in there, too. It’s mostly just very bright and sweet.
Afterthoughts: This one did remind me a tiny bit of Tyto, so I’m not surprised about the pomegranate and aged wood.

Overall I am SO happy with this collection, I’m glad I decided to get it all! And the two gifts with purchase were so generous! I want to dive in and get more but I’m trying to make myself wait until March, hehe.

Questions of the Day:
Do you know another perfumery that uses a really great tea note?
What did you do for Valentine’s day this year?

Until next time,


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