Shiro Cosmetics: Super Effective collection!

Hey team!

Today I’m sharing my first review for Shiro Cosmetics. Shiro is an indie makeup company that sells eye, lip and face products, and is very well-loved in the indie community. I bought some eyeshadow colors from their “Super Effective” collection, which is inspired by Pokemon! The Super Effective collection is full of super bright colors. I picked out an eight colored rainbow, so I can do crazy rainbow eyes for Pride this summer, hehe. I got all full sizes because I wanted the Pokeball art on top! I also got 3 very generous samples. The samples are also all bright, rainbowey eyeshadow colors, which I thought was awesome! It was very thoughtful of them.

There are 15 shades in the super effective collection, and I got 8. The 7 I didn’t buy (Elite Four, Eye Contact, Master Ball, Not Very Effective, Smell Ya Later, Sweet Honey, and Whiteout) are mostly purples and neutrals, which are my jam, soooo I may be rounding out this collection in the future 🙂

The full sized shadows are packaged very securely, they have a sifter that has a little sticker on it to keep anything from spilling out.


So secure!

Super Effective Collection


All swatches over a sticky base, lightbox on the left, direct light and macro on the right

Whenever my elementary school friend would claim that Digimon would win against Pokemon, I’d just tell him “Nuh-uh! Ditto can turn into any Digimon ever so Pokemon are like Pokemon and Digimon COMBINED! That means Pokemon are better!” And I was right.

Medium soft pink with a satin finish. Lip-safe!

This is a shiny bubblegum pink! Also, lip-safe?? I must test this in the future! For science!

Champion collage

A color worthy of trainer Red, the champion of Kanto and acknowledged strongest trainer in the world… Until Gold came along.

Poster paint red with a slight pink cast. Lip-safe!

Champion is a warmer red. It reminds me a little of ketchup. (and again…lip safe?? Must experiment!!)


Sometimes I like to imagine the real-world consequences of Pokemon battles. I’m fairly certain that the entire earth would be a scorched lump of wreckage by now. This doesn’t in any way diminish my desire to own a real-life Pokemon.

Soft bright shimmery orange, with yellow tones and a hint of gold. Lip-safe!

Flamethrower is orange, but it’s not super bold. It is SO shiny and sparkly though! On me, this is almost a neutral color.


OF COURSE I get the name wrong on my collage.

Electrifying eye makeup bound to shock and amaze. Sparks will fly. Chuu!

Vivid, opaque lightly shimmery yellow with red sparks. Lip-safe!

Thunderbolt is a sparkly true yellow!


Vine Whip:
Eeeeee it tickles!

Bright, satiny grassy green with a hint of a gold undertone. Not lip-safe.

Vine Whip is a perfect leaf green. It has a lot of little sparkles in it too! I really love this one. It is a little sheerer than other colors in this collection, though.

bubble collage

Hundreds of adorable little tickly bubbles are coming to MESS YOU UP

Bright, clear, shimmery blue. Not lip-safe.

Bubblebeam is a perfect sparkly pale blue! It has little pink sparks in it! This is another favorite.


The most excellent evolution in all of Pokemon. Best not be hatin’ on Magikarp’s Splash, because when he grows up he will murder you all.

Vivid matte opaque blue with subtle white shimmer. Not lip-safe.

Evolve is a perfect Gyarados cobalt blue. This one makes a BITCHIN liner. I think the swatch is patchy because I was impatient, not because it usually applies patchily.


Team Rocket:

Bright purple with shimmery blue undertones. Lip-safe!

The perfect Rocket purple! It’s more red than blue leaning. Again, pretty sure I was a little impatient when I was swatching this one.



Vegan, Not Lip Safe

Deep matte teal.

This is a Detritivore Cosmetics color (Shiro stocks a few other brands). This is an awesome deep teal! I love this a lot too!



Bright, lightly shimmery chartreuse. Lip-safe!

Snake is a super bright, almost fluorescent yellow green. I don’t know when I’ll ever use this!


I Understood That Reference:
I gotta say, it’s an honor to meet you, officially. I sort of met you, I mean, I watched you while you were sleeping.
I mean, I was… I was present while you were unconscious from the ice…

Deep patriotic blue with red duochrome and subtle white sparkles. Not lip-safe.

This is my VERY FAVORITE color that I got! It’s a blue with a red duochrome. So patriotic, which is perfect because it’s inspired by Captain America! I’m not quite sure how to wear this yet but I think it would make an awesome eyeliner.

Overall I’m super happy with the products I got from Shiro! The shadows are a great texture, awesome colors, and they’re so easy to work with. The samples are so generous, too! The TAT is long (it was about a month for this order), but I think it’s worth it and I will be ordering again. (and by that I mean I already ordered again SORRY NOT SORRY)

Questions of the day:
How do you like to wear duochrome eyeshadows?? IUTR (hah) is my first and I’m a little intimidated!

Have you ever been to Pride? In what city? I’ll probably go to New York and Boston this year!

Until next time,


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