Geek Chic Cosmetics solid perfumes: The Pie Hole Collection!

Hey team!

Today I have more goodies for you from Geek Chic Cosmetics! Geek Chic is a super fun company that bases a lot of products, like eye shadows, lip glosses, and perfumes, on fun, nerdy, pop culture references! Today I’ll be reviewing one of their solid perfume collections.

The Pie Hole collection is an entire collection of solid perfumes that smells like pie holy shit how great is that!!! More importantly, I guess (?), it’s inspired by the show Pushing Daisies. I haven’t seen Pushing Daisies, honestly I haven’t watched a lot of TV since Lost because that show broke my heart.


ANYWAY, teenage Allie heartbreak aside, I was hella excited for this collection, because it smells like pie. Did I mention that yet? They smell like pie! Every last one! Haha, yeah! Enough talking, bring on the pie!

The Pie Hole Collection


Too cute!

Bitter Sweets: …a cool and sugary Lemon Meringue Pie, with whipped cream and vanilla bean notes to round it out.
Lemon merengue pie!! It smells like lemonheads. Definitely more sharp and sour and candy-ish than pie-ish, but I still like it!

Darling Mermaid Darlings: …a Coconut Key Lime Pie, complete with buttery pie crust to round out the fruity notes.
Key lime pie! (Disclaimer: I needed Ladyface’s help to tease that out) This one is creamy yet citrusy, but it’s a nicer citrus than Bitter Sweets. You can also smell the graham cracker crust!

Field of Daisies: …a cool Banana Creame Brulee Pie, with vanilla wafers and whipped creme smoothing out the banana and creme notes.
Banana cream pie! Or banana pudding! It smells mostly like banana Laffy Taffy, artificial and creamy and yum. It turns less banana-y and more milky and creamy over time.

Forensic Fairy Tale: a fresh Raspberry Frangipan Tartlet, with raspberry and almond notes and an underlying buttery pie crust.
Cherry pie! It’s a very sweet, red, syrupy cherry. This is smells like thick cherry syrup (not cough syrup!). It’s for when you want to smell candy coated!
(Oh no, I got this one wrong!! I guess the berry+almond made cherry for me)

Itty Bitty: …a Hot Buttered Pumpkin Pie scent… the pumpkin creme brulee is made more complex by buttered rum and tempered with Mexican fried ice cream, whipped cream, and buttery pie crust to round out the canvas.
Coconut cream pie! This is the most subtle of the bunch, it’s just a little sweet and toasty smelling. It’s light and delicate and would probably be great for layering!

Knitwit P.I.: a sweet, rich Chocolate Cream Pie with whipped cream and buttery pie crust adding complexity to the dark chocolate.
Chocolate cream pie! It’s not my favorite chocolate note, but it has a cool milkiness to it that I really like.

The Lonely Tourist: …a Strawberry Rhubarb Pie, with added wildberrys and rounded out with buttery pie crust.
Rhubarb pie! I’m not in love with this one. This one leans more strongly on the crust smell. So it smells like a lot of dry crumbly crust and a little bit of rhubarb. Meh.

The Pie Maker: …a Caramel Apple Pie, on funnel cake with Mexican fried ice cream on top.
Apple Pie!! It smells like the apple note from their Original Sin scent, but without the greens! It’s just pure sweet, gourmand yumminess.

Overall, I thought that these scents were super fun! I like how you can smell the buttery crust on some of them, too. They’re all super sweet and gourmand and great for days that you might want a pick-me-up that smells like pie. 🙂

Questions of the Day:
What’s your favorite kind of pie?
Do you like wearing gourmand perfumes?

Until next time,


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