Solstice Scents Woodland Collection

Hey team!

I decided to try out more Solstice Scents! I wasn’t crazy about the first set of samples I got from them (their winter collection), so I tried the Woodland Collection this time, because I heard a lot of great reviews about it. I also decided to try more Burnishing Glaces, because I really love the idea of them but the last one I tried didn’t work out for me at all!

Burnishing Glaces


Burnishing Glaces are basically spray body oil in yummy smells! They’re supposed to make your skin super soft and dewy, and give you a light scent. The last one I tried, Kitchen, had a LOT of spice in it. A LOT. It turned my entire body beet red. So this time I made sure to stay away from spice!

I got two different scents, Violet Mallow, and Vanilla Cherry Ambrosia. VCA, as it will hence be called, is a nice sweet gourmand, but it’s a little tart for my liking (cherries…*shakes fist*). I LOVE Violet Mallow, though! I’ve been putting it on before bed every night. The scent is subtle but it’s soooo good. I love violets and this is a creamy violet. It’s so relaxing! I love it! I’m so happy I found a Burnishing Glace that I like, yay!

Perfume oils


Grey’s Cabin: Smoked Cocoa, Cedar, Embers, Black Musk, Copal Bark, Tobacco, Spice
First sniff: Chocolate!! Chocolate and wood. Omg. It’s actually a great combo!
On skin: It’s such a creamy yummy chocolate! I’m still getting some wood in the background, and something a little resiny or musky? It’s yummy!
Afterthoughts: This sounds like it would be a weird combo, but it’s so good. It’s a gourmand, creamy chocolate, but the other notes make it so interesting. I love this!

Hidden Lodge: Dry Wood Blend, Oud, Woodsmoke, Spices, Castoreum (Botanical Interpretation)
First sniff: This smells woody and earthy!
On skin: I mostly smell wood in this one. It’s a little smokey and dirty too.
Afterthoughts: I thought there was something more to this than just smoke and wood. I don’t smell the spices really, but I guess the something else is the castoreum (for those who don’t know, that’s an oil you get from a beaver’s musk glands. Solstice Scents mixed up a vegan accord inspired by castoreum).

Monarch: Rich Red Musk, Fir, Juniper, Cedar, Frankincense, Labdanum, Moss
First sniff: This is a little sweet, a little musky, a little sharp.
On skin: I don’t know what this smells like?? I actually can’t describe it. It’s sweet, in a musky way. It’s soft and light, but not fruity or florally or girly. It is actually reminiscent of butterfly wings (the first thing that comes to my mind with the word Monarch), which to be totally honest creeps me out a little (they’re not my favorite).
Afterthoughts: I thought this smelled similar to Night Watcher (the next scent), and it looks like it has several notes in common. The musk and labanum make it somehow lighter, though, and a bit more feminine. Like, it’s still outdoorsy, but fresher, in a way. And sweeter!

Delicate like a butterfly wing, see how easily they break?  photo credit: Broken wing via photopin (license)

Delicate like a butterfly wing, see how easily they break?
photo credit: Broken wing via photopin (license)

Night Watcher: Forest Floor, Tree Tops, Bark, Mountain Air, Fir Balsam, Juniper, Moss, Oud, Dried Herbs, Cedar Tips
First sniff: This smells a little sour and sharp, but mostly masculine and musky.
On skin: This mostly smells musky and masculine to me. It’s a little earthy and a little sour. I don’t know what that sourness is, it makes it more unique than a “typical” masculine scent, though.
Afterthoughts: Not gonna lie, I was looking forward to this because the name reminds me of the Nightwalker in Princess Mononoke. Heh. But honestly? That description makes it sound like it should just smell like a forest, and I’m not getting that. I’m just getting Eau de Dude. Sad! Maybe it’s the cedar, juniper, herbs and mountain air coming together? Hmm.

The Nightwalker!  Found here

The Nightwalker!
Found here

White Fox: Vanilla Musk, White Fur, Wood Blend, Snow Laced With Veins of Frozen Dirt
First sniff: This mostly smells like menthol to me. Like Vicks, but a little sweeter.
On skin: On the skin, I get something reminiscent of conifer needles and dirt, and a little bit of vanilla-tinged sweetness, but there’s still a lot of menthol. It’s very medicinal. I would like it more without the menthol.
Afterthoughts: Well I definitely got the wood and vanilla and dirt. I guess either “white fur” or “snow” was translated into menthol-y coldness here. It is a scent reminiscent of whiteness, but it’s more stark than simple or comforting.

Winter Dove: Vanilla Crystals, Spicy Carnation, Nutmeg, Cream
First sniff: It’s sweet! I smell carnations and vanilla and some soft, light spices.
On skin: This reminds me so much of bright red carnations. There’s some other soft sweetness there, but it’s mostly soft red petals to me.
Afterthoughts: Nailed it!! I really like this, the smell of carnations makes me happy. ๐Ÿ™‚

Riverside Hayride: Moist Dirt, White Carnations, Fallen Leaves, Bare Branches, Hay & a Hint of Pressed Apples
First sniff: This smells sweet and dirty at the same time. Like drinking a spicy beverage in an apple orchard!
On skin: This smells soapy in a weird way. Like Johnson and Johnson paper shampoo. If I concentrate, I can smell leaves, dirt, and a tiny breath of spice.
Afterthoughts: Maybe it’s the apple and carnation combo that turns into Johnson and Johnson?? I’m going to let this one sit and see how it smells later.

Overall, I was happier with the Woodland Collection than the Winter collection, even though I only had two huge hits (Grey’s Cabin and Winter Dove). I want to snap up a full sized Winter Dove ASAP! I’m also super happy I found a burnishing glace that I like! I’ll be using it nightly for sure. ๐Ÿ™‚

Questions of the day:
Have you watched any Studio Ghibli films?
Does anything seemingly innocuous creep you out? I HATE moths and butterflies.

Until next time,


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