First Impressions: Smelly Yeti Perfumery!

Hey team!  I recently heard a lot about a newer perfume company called Smelly Yeti, and I decided I had to try them out! A lot of people were really excited for them because they started out with a Buffy collection, but it seemed like the scents were really unique and well-made, too. Plus, the website is cute and quirky, as is the owner (check her out on Instagram, @smellyyetiperfumery. She is adorable!). So anyways, I got a sample pack (5 1mL samples plus a freebie!), and now I’m sharing my thoughts with you!

Cute little samples!

Cute little samples!

Buffybot: With slightly singed wire, motor oil, ozone, and a smooth metallic finish, this perfume calls to mind warm electronics. Subtle and slightly sweet, this perfume is just strong enough to get people slightly worried that the robot uprising is upon us. Just slightly worried. And, you know, sometimes you just want to smell like a robot. A slightly malfunctioning, overly peppy robot. Unisex?
First sniff: This smells oddly sweet and minty, and a little leathery, like old hot car seats.
On skin: This definitely reminds me of a car. It smells hot and metallic and leathery. I smell old black motor oil and ozone. As a teenager, I had an ancient, gigantic black Ford Bronco with no airbags or A/C and seatbelts that didn’t lock. This reminds me of driving that car down the highway on a hot summer day, with all of the windows rolled down and the car just soaking up all of the heat from the sun. It’s a very oddly specific scent memory.
Afterthoughts: I have no idea what in here is making leather, but I swear I smell it. It definitely reminds me more of old rickety cars than warm electronics, but you know, same thing. Also, I described it as warm up there but sometimes it also smells cool? Like a teeny bit sweet and cool and minty. It’s bizarre. I love it.

Cub Scout: Vanilla. Straight up vanilla. Not that that’s a bad thing! And it’s a really nice vanilla, I swear. A perfect subtle scent which works great for layering and adding sweetness to other scents; worn alone, Cub Scout is simply a rich vanilla with the slightest hint of woods. Unisex.
First sniff: Vanilla! Not like vanilla extract, more like vanilla cake. It’s so sweet!
On skin: Just to note, this one has a bit of dark brown stuff in it (def shake before using!) and I can see it on my wrist when I dab it on, but it rubs right off so nbd. Anyway, this is sweet, light, fresh vanilla.
Afterthoughts: I’m actually pretty sure I want a full size of this. It’s so simple but I LOVE it and I know that it would be great to layer with. Also, oddly, I would agree that this a unisex scent, even though it’s so sweet.

Mongrel: Smell like a werewolf. Have you noticed any changes in your life? Maybe you’ve been craving red meat. Maybe a few times a month, you wake up in an unfamiliar place. You smell it before you see it – damp, grassy earth, fallen oak trees, mossy underbrush, dark oud…It’s probably nothing to worry about. You’re not howling at the moon, right? Right? Masculine.
First sniff: The strongest scent is dirt. Good, loamy dirt. I also smell something wet, and a bit of green? It smells like a garden, if you press your nose right to the ground.
On skin: Dirt dirt dirt. This reminds me a lot of sixteen92’s Shadow Show, so I keep smelling popcorn but it’s like a phantom smell. They both have the same dirt and smoky aspects, so I keep expecting popcorn! But there’s not popcorn, just wetness and fresh greens.
Afterthoughts: SMELL LIKE A WEREWOLF. I totally see it. It’s a wild scent, but surprisingly sweet for a masculine scent. I dig it.

Proserpine: Proserpine is the Roman name for Persephone, one of my favorite figures in Greek mythology. It’s moody and spooky and…girl, it was obvious that pomegranate seeds count as food. Be thankful that your mom knows how to negotiate because you CLEARLY broke the rules. Dark and deep pomegranate mingles with cool and twisty caverns; a hint of gloomy underworld grounds and balances this scent.
First sniff: This actually smells like cough syrup. Uh-oh.
On skin: Cough syrup and dirt. It’s STRONG too. Oof. Over time, the cough syrup smell calms down and starts to smell more like red hard candy. As it dries, it starts to smell herbal and damp. When my arms are away from my face, I just smell bright red candy. But when I bring my wrists close, I can smells that damp herbal-ness again.
Afterthoughts: I got this once because the “hint of gloomy underworld” description really intrigued me. I was expecting more wet rock and mud, but instead it’s an herbal smell that lends a medicinal quality to the entire scent. It’s not my favorite.

Unicorn Collector: Oh, Harmony. You try so hard to be bad. Bubbly and bright tangerine strawberries nestled in creamy tahitian vanilla and tonka bean. Pretty much the fruitiest, girliest scent to ever exist. 
First sniff: This was my free sample so I have no idea what to expect! Woo! This is SO SWEET and crazy fruity. Like BAM fruit salad!
On skin: Sweet sweet sweet sweet sweet sweet sweet! So much sweet. I smell a little bit of citrus, some red juicy berry, but that’s about all I can tease out of this. It’s just a fruitsplosion.
Afterthoughts: Sweet sweet sweet sweet sweet sweet sweet sweet sweet sweet sweet sweet sweet sweet sweet sweet sweet sweet sweet sweet sweet sweet sweet sweet sweet sweet sweet sweet

Who’s That Girl?: Willow. Sweet and shy but powerful; not one of those wanna-blessed-be’s. A sweet quasi-gourmand scent of cookies, sugar and spice and everything nice…with a witchy twist. The classic bakery smell undercut by incense and a splash of ginger. Feminine, leaning unisex.
First sniff: This is sweet and a little spicy. It reminds me of soft pumpkin cookies.
On skin: Spicy cookies! That’s most of what I smell. I don’t think it’s the kind of spice that will irritate my skin, which is nice. There’s a little something else in there too, something green and herbal lurking in the background.
Afterthoughts: Both “quasi-gourmand” and “a witchy twist” describe this scent really well. I’ll be honest, I’ve never watched Buffy before but I know that Willow is the queer one, so I had to get this because of that. 🙂 I’m really glad that I like it!

Overall, I thought that these scents were super interesting, and I definitely want to try a few more. I think I need to get a full size of Cub Scout and layer it with everything. For science! I’ll report on my findings for you. 😉

Questions of the day:
Do you like to layer scents? What are your favorite combos?
What kinds of characters do you identify with?

Until next time,


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