Haus of Gloi Spring Collection review

Hey team!

I really haven’t been great at keeping up with my blog! I just started back up in lab with an earnest about, oh, a week ago, and it’s been hard balancing work and hobbies. I’ll get better at it! I hope…it’s just a little rough right now haha! Sorry, team.

Anyway, today I wanted to share Haus of Gloi’s spring collection! Haus of Gloi is a super popular indie bath and body and perfume company. They make incredibly high quality products in awesome smells, but they’re still pretty small so their seasonal releases tend to sell out pretty quickly. I wanted to share their spring collection with you now because their restock is this weekend! It’s on the 5th, I believe. So if you like the sound of anything here you had better snap it up quick. ūüėČ On to the reviews!

Perfume Oils

I am such a sucker for pretty colored perfume oils *heart eyes*

I am such a sucker for pretty colored perfume oils *heart eyes*

Honeybelle: A blooming orange orchard, orange blossom honey, soft white tea and creamy white amber.
First sniff: This is a bright green punch to the face. Wow. All bright, spicy, fresh cut stems.
On skin:¬†This mellows out on the skin, thank goodness. It’s still bright green and spicy. There’s a bit of a florally sweetness to it now, too.
Afterthoughts:¬†This is mostly just green and orange blossoms with a touch of honey to me, with more of the powdery amber at the drydown. I’m not really getting the tea though. Huh.

Milkmaid: Flushed, but demure. Fresh milk, clean linens, pale musk and pink sweet pea blossom.
First sniff:¬†Floral? Plants? It’s very sweet, somehow both sharp and creamy. It’s very bright.
On skin:¬†This is odd. It’s a sweet, floral smell, very bright and very creamy. I can’t pick out anything specifically except that creaminess. It reminds me of fruit and cream hard candies.
Afterthoughts:¬†This doesn’t smell like linens (and by linens I mean dryer sheets) at all, which I am thankful for. Just creamy and sweet.

Ploughman:¬†Well worn leather, dirt n’ dandelions, carrot, a pinch of tobacco and a light sheen of feral skin musk.
First sniff: Soft wet dirt and cool dewy grass!
On skin:¬†Dirt and greens! It’s a garden! Eeeee! I smell a little tinge of leather too, it’s a really nice leather note. Maybe a teeny bit of floral too, but just the smallest breath.
Afterthoughts: Nothing floral, but this is a teeny bit sweet. I actually really love this *heart eyes*

Selkie: The break of waves, gurgling sea foam, kelp, rain tinged air, sand smoothed driftwood and wild sage.
First sniff:¬†It smells like a blue smell, sweet but not watery per se. It reminds me a little of Sixteen92’s The Awakening.
On skin: Very sweet, soft, blue. Like a romanticized version of seafoam. Blue like the sky instead of blue like the sea. It reminds me of dryer sheets tbh.
Afterthoughts:¬†I can see the inspiration here, but I don’t think it actually smells oceany at all. It’s romantic, in a way.

Splendiferous: White cake, lemon zest glaze and sugared violets.
First sniff: Cake!
On skin:¬†Lemon glazed, soft, spongey white cake. This is so sweet! The lemon is really strong at first and gets a tad Pledge-y on me, but it’s mostly a dessert smell for sure.
Afterthoughts: Did I remember the wording or did I just happen to use the same language as them?? Who knows!

Whipped Soap


Ruth: Fresh strawberry, green patchouli, rose geranium and crushed violet leaf.

Doesn’t that description sound great?? It does to me. I like all of those things. But almost every, and I mean EVERY, review that I have read about Ruth has been negative. Needless to say they made me feel very wary. The only good reviews I DID read were for the whipped soap, as opposed to the perfume oil. I decided that since I already know I like HoG’s whipped soap, and I need to grab some more anyways, might as well get Ruth and see what happens!

Unfortunately, I don’t love Ruth. It smells strangely medicinal, like artificial strawberry cough syrup mixed with herbal salves. I mean, I’ll still use the soap, because Haus of Gloi’s whipped soap is pretty much my favorite thing, but I will never touch this scent again.


There are little scoops of bubbly magic hidden under that foil!

There are little scoops of bubbly magic hidden under that foil!

Lavender & White Amber: White amber balanced with our Bulgarian lavender.
This also has that sharp, medicinal lavender. I think Haus of Gloi’s lavender scent is just not for me, I should stop getting smells with it.

Milk: Different from many of the milky notes that we generally use. This is a fresh milk.
A soft, delicate, creamy smell. Just a smidge of sweetness.

Orange Blossom: Orange blossom with a touch of cream.
Sweet orange blossom, straight up.

Rain & Moss: Aquatic and green notes in a base of soft woods.
This is so fresh and green and blue! It’s a little watery and very relaxing.

Strawberry: Plain and simple strawberry with a drop of vanilla extract.
This is a sweet, artificial strawberry, but it still smells pretty scrumptious.

Woodland Tea: A strange blend of smoky black tea, maple syrup and coniferous notes.
This smells like black licorice to me?? I haven’t tried it in the bath so I don’t know how it changes, I’m too scared!

Overall, I kind of liked this collection. I loved some things, didn’t like others, but the things I didn’t like were pretty predictable! I won’t be jumping on the restock (I’m on a bit of a low buy!) but I have everything I need, so overall, I’m happy!

Questions of the Day:
Will you be getting anything in Haus of Gloi’s restock?
Are there any notes that you know you don’t like, but keep trying anyway?

Until next time,


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