Darling Clandestine Mayfly!

Hey team!

I have yet another Darling Clandestine review today. 🙂 (Is it obvious that they’re my favorite??) This was just a tiny purchase I made before they closed for about a month! She had a few scents available, but I ended up getting a bitsy and full sized solid of Mayfly, because it sounded so bright and springy! As a bonus, she threw in a bitsy of another scent I don’t have, Kendraberry. 🙂

As always, I reviewed these blind, and added the “Afterthoughts” section after adding the description in!


Mayfly: This is the new, reinvented version of my original Mayfly fragrance. I’ve kept the initial inspiration for Mayfly—the hot, heavy, vapor-rising-from-the-pavement flash of an early summer rain—but I’ve made the florals a bit greener, a bit twangier. Opens deceptively sweet with notes of plum blossom, lilac and other damp, delicate budding blossoms, then gets deeper and jade-greener and muddier and woodier. Petals on a wet, black bough.
First sniff: This is so powdery and sweet! It smells a tiny bit green but mostly sweet, sweet, sweet.
On skin: This is a lovely powdery sweetness. I don’t really know what “category” of sweetness, per se, if you pushed me I would say that it’s floral. There’s also some greenness lurking underneath, but it’s very understated. I feel really pretty and feminine with this on.
Afterthoughts: I don’t notice this turning super green or earthy on me, it pretty much stays powdery floral. I do notice the green/woodsy/earthy notes in the background though. That’s probably a skin chemistry thing though, YMMV!

Kendraberry: Created for a dear friend, this fragrance is a bright, effervescent candied floral, tempered with fresh fruits and green tea and amber and ozone. Intense and feminine, perfect for those who enjoy a more “traditional” perfume but don’t like the headiness that comes with a commercial eau.
First sniff: This is SO SWEET and SO FRUITY. It’s got a bit of a powdery floral in the background but mostly I smell fruit!
On skin: This smells really familiar but I’m not sure why. It’s much more powdery on my skin. I think it reminds me of dryer sheets? But I use unscented dryer sheets now so I don’t remember. It’s just super super powdery and sweet and clean. It seems much less fruity on my skin.
Afterthoughts: I totally agree that this smells more traditional. It’s sweet and ultra feminine, in the traditional sense.

I love love LOVE Mayfly. I’m so happy I decided to get the full solid! And the extra little Bitsy was such a sweet touch. 🙂 Darling Clandestine will reopen in May! She’ll probably have some of her “regular catalogue” stuff on at first and then later in May release her summer collection!

Questions of the day:
What makes a scent “masculine” or “feminine” to you?
Have you ever blindly bought a full sized scent? What happened?

Until next time,


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