Science and Research

I love science.

I love what science allows us to do: Learn more about the world we live in. I love learning about the immensely complicated things humans from all over the world and throughout time have been able to deduce with what seems now to be rudimentary technology. I love what amazing things people are still discovering with the technology we have now. I love the amazing pace at which technology is evolving, and the ways it changes our lives, and how it all started with one person saying “I wonder…”

Yes, I love science. I am not ashamed to say it. I think that science is an indispensable part of our lives, and that with higher levels of scientific literacy, the world would be a better place. And what better way to help spread and advance science than by doing research?? You’re on the forefront of science and discovery, with access to top-notch technology, and brains that are filled with the next big questions to be answer. And you can collect the data to answer them!

In reality, research is tedious. The experiments get old and monotonous fast. Soon you’re doing the same thing, day after day, in the hopes that this time, it will work. Because often it doesn’t. Things can go wrong for so many reasons it’s ludicrous. Maybe your cells didn’t grow. Maybe you spill something. Maybe you were just oozing with bad juju that day. Who knows! But the fact is, most of the time, experiments don’t work, and must be repeated several times even when they do work! The tedium can be excruciating.

As a graduate student, I’m quickly learning that research is not my jam. It’s not just the tedium, or the numerous mistakes and failures. Doing research requires you to be incredibly self-motivated, which I am quickly finding tiring. And I’ve always thought that I was highly self-motivated!

With that in mind, I’d like to raise a glass to all of my fellow graduate students out there, as well as all of the postdocs, research scientists, and principal investigators. We’re on the forefront of science and struggle through it every day! Cheers to you for working your butt off for your fellow man. 😉

As for me? I don’t think I’ll stick with research when I’m done with my Ph.D. Oh, I’ll stick with science. She’s my first love, a part of me, and I’ll never grow tired of her. But rather than actively adding to the knowledge base, as awesome and important as that is, I’d rather spread awareness. I want to teach the younger generation that hey, science is pretty cool! I want the layman to trust in science. Science advocacy is the way for me, 100%.

So remember everyone: Science is cool, research is hard. If you do research, give yourself a pat on the back. And if you don’t…go give your favorite researcher a hug, they need it!!

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