Let’s talk about perfume! (sixteen92 Summer 2016 collection)

Can we talk about how much fun it is to smell pretty things? I love it! I think I’ve been getting better at it, slowly honing my nose over time. It’s a great superpower to have, and it’s super convenient for tasting, too, since tasting and smelling are to intertwined! I love beer tasting; maybe I’ll bring that to the blog sometime, too!

Today I want to talk about sixteen92’s Summer 2016 collection. I adore sixteen92, they are one of my favorite perfume and bath/body companies. I was a member of their Circle for a year (which is basically a deal where you are among the first to get samples for each of their collections!), but unfortunately could not renew this year due to budgeting issues. šŸ˜¦ But I do have the summer sample set, and I’m planning on getting the fall sample set (it comes out on Wednesday, August 24th at noon EST/11 am CST!).

Also! They just released whipped soaps and sugar scrubs! You better believe that I snatched one of each up the moment they went up. I’ll add the review of those at the end. You’ll notice that I also included one of the anniversary scents, The Cocktail Party; I’ll include that one in a future post! #sneakpeek šŸ˜‰

As always, I smell completely blind, and only look at the notes later. šŸ™‚

Summer 2016 collection

Bells For Her
Sweet basil, dandelion, star jasmine, green vines, mandarin, ozone, green tea, crushed mint
In the bottle: This is strong and floral. Reminds me of walking into a bath and body store.
Wet on skin: It just smells like shampoo on me, to be honest. It’s reminiscent of Johnson and Johnson baby shampoo, but a little less sharp and a little less floral.Getting real technical with these descriptions, lmao.
On the drydown: It smells a little less like baby shampoo, but it’s still soapy, watery, and floral. Amelia thinks it smells like “cucumber and lavender? It’s kind of a soapy smell.” My cat just seemed really confused when I asked him to smell it. Anyway.
Afterthoughts: It sounds like it should smell sooooo goooood but it just smells like soap to me! I guess I can tell that it’s floral, green, and watery, but the mixture just reads like baby shampoo to me! I’m a little sad about it.
Note: After an hour or so this did get markedly less soapy! At this point it is wonderfully sweet and watery in an almost dessert-like way. It als I think I’m going to let this one age a bit and then try again later. šŸ™‚


sixteen92’s newest formula. Source: johnsonsbaby.com

Bruise Violet
Red lipstick accord, dusting powder, white iris, violet leaf, Damascus & Bulgarian rose, red grapefruit zest
In the bottle: This is pleasantly green and sweet! It kinda smells like exactly what is says, crushed flowers.
Wet on skin: This is decadent. It reminds me a little bit of cool, fresh cucumbers. It’s also got a nice fresh floral; I want to say it’s violet, but I also feel like that’s too obvious.
On the drydown: The floral gets a little more pronounced as this dries, but I still smell that cool, wet cucumber smell. It has a nice throw; I actually have like 5 different perfumes on right now (eek) and I keep getting wafts of this one. šŸ™‚ I really likeĀ it!
Afterthoughts: Hmmmm I would bet that it’s the makeup smells that make this smell like cucumber to me. Smelling it after I read the description I can definitely read “lipstick” instead of “cucumber.” I love the smell of lipstick though, so I’ll take it. Overall I really love this one, I think this one is a full sizer for me!


Here’s a cute picture of a cucumber flower. šŸ™‚ Source: thegardendeli.files.wordpress.com

Doll Parts
Rhubarb, white cake, white peach, cassis, osmanthus, ginger flower
In the bottle: This smells really sweet and pleasant! It reminds me of gummy worms. Like it’s really like sticking your face in a bag of Trolli sour worms, WHICH I LOVE. The “aftersmell” is sweet and creamy. I like it a lot!
Wet on skin: It’s a little creamier and a tad more sour on the skin. It smells a little more sophisticated. It’s still very sweet and nostalgic.
On the drydown: This pretty much stays the same as it dries. It smells a little coconutty after a few minutes. It doesn’t have a lot of throw, and doesn’t last very long on me.
Afterthoughts: The note list sounds delicious, it smells delicious, win-win-win. I miiight snag a full size of this one.


It smells like my childhood. Source: bigcommerce.com

New Radio
Vanilla milkshake accord, maraschino cherry, pink lemonade, grass clippings, waffle cone
In the bottle: It’s very sweet! It reminds me of thoseĀ apple/cheese danishes they have in gas stationsĀ (in a good way!). I think I smell sweet almond, too.
Wet on skin: Definitely sweet pastries, but I also smell a hint of citrus and maybe a bit of something floral. It mostly reminds me of muffins though.
On the drydown: It doesn’t smell very gourmand any more. It’s still very sweet, but in a more floral way. It smells sweet in a nostalgic way. I can’t quite put my finger on what it is. I really like it though.Ā The smell stuck around for a long time (hours!) and has a lot of throw, I smell it constantly! (is that throw or sillage? Hmmm)
Afterthoughts: Hahahaha. It’s vanilla! That’s the “floral” “baked goods” smell. Maybe my nose isn’t getting better after all. Anyway. It’s very good, sweet vanilla. I think the “sweet almond” I got in the bottle was actually the cherry, IĀ get those two mixed up a lot! This is just as sweet as you would expect.


I still think it smells like an apple danish. Souce: acozykitchen.com

Rid of Me
Magnolia, Sambac jasmine, ylang, white pepper, grapefruit blossom, ambrette, satin musk, Oudh
In the bottle:
This is a strong floral. It smells a little peppery and a little medicinal. I’m a little nervous to try it tbh.
Wet on skin: Very strong, waxy white floral. It also smells a little like menthol. It reminds me a little of Vick’s. It’s very medicinal.
On the drydown: This really isn’t changing. Peppery, medicinal floral for days. I’ll pass.
Afterthoughts: Not really surprised by the notes. White floral and pepper. Yup. Not for me. I will admit that sixteen92’s jasmine is phenomenal, and I usually hate jasmine. So if you’re into that, you’ll probably like this one. It’s definitely high quality, just not for me!


Meh. Source: portlandnursery.com

Jasmine fleur, May rose, blond sandalwood, mango flower, praline
In the bottle: It’s kind of sweet, in a savory way. I think I smell coconut. It’s a little overwhelming.
Wet on skin: This one is weird. It’s like mostly floral I think, but there’s something stinky mixed in. Like old rotting flowers. It’s also a little soapy.
On the drydown: It smells mostly citrusy on me when it’s dry. It’s sweet and reminds me of grapefruit, with something powdery in the background. It’s not bad.
Afterthoughts: The jasmine doesn’t surprise me, I find jasmine pretty overwhelming most of the time. I have no idea why this smells like grapefruit on me though! I don’t actually know what sandalwood smells like on its own, so maybe sandalwood+floral=grapefruit??


I have no idea why this smells like grapefruit! Source: kidneysdisease.com (yes really)

Bath and body

I’m gonna be totally honest with you, I ordered these during a heat wave in my town and I didn’t think they were gonna make it. The whipped soap was fine when I got it! The sugar scrub was melted but hardened up when I kept it by an A/C.

Ritual creamy whipped soap


Whipped soap texture in the jar!

Creamed pumpkin, spiced bourbon &Ā TahitianĀ vanillas, sticky marshmallow fluff
Smell: This smells like pumpkin pie! I really love it.
Texture: When it comes to texture, I’m used to Haus of Gloi whipped soap, and this is very different. It does look very creamy in the jar, it looks like you could almost use it as lotion.


Whipped soap texture. It’s so creamy!

Use: It lathers up just fine but it still kind of feels like you’re trying to lather up lotion. There’s nothing wrong with it, it’s just a weird texture sensation until you get it totally lathered up. It seems like it wouldn’t be very drying but it’s too soon to tell. The scent does linger a little bit which is kind of nice.

Polish Sugar Scrub


Sugar scrub texture. Mine is really liquidy.

Spiced pumpkin mocha
Roasted pumpkin, Autumn spices, dark chocolate cocoa, rich espresso
Smell: Emphasis on the mocha, it smells like a boozy Irish coffee to me.
Texture: I think the texture of mine is mostly fine despite melting and resolidifying. It had a little oil on top, which I mixed in to the best of my ability. It’s a little runnier that I expected (though I don’t know if that’s just because it melted). It’s also not the same color as the jar on the website; theirs is yellow-tinted and mine is kind of a gross grey.


Sugar scrub. You can really see how runny it is here.

Use: This one doesn’t lather up, in case that wasn’t clear. It works just fine. Leaves your skinĀ feeling soft, if a little gummier than other scrubs I’ve used. The after smell on this one is weird for some reason, I don’t love it.

I think I’m going to have to try these again later. I might order another jar of the sugar scrub when it’s a little cooler out, and I might try using the whipped soap to wash my hands in the winter, to see if that keeps them from drying out. I do prefer their lotion in the summer rather than the winter, because it’s quite light, so maybe this is just continuing the seasonal trend. šŸ™‚


Overall I’m super happy that I was able to snag these. I think I’m going to try to get full sizes of Doll Parts and Bruise Violet when I get the fall sampler on Wednesday. I’m stoked to try out the soap during the winter, and to try the sugar scrub again when it’s less likely to melt. sixteen92 is always so high quality and they just keep getting better and better, I’m looking forward to followingĀ this company more in the future!


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