A Journey in Aging: HoG GC samples

Today I’m going to continue my journey with seeing how my perfumes have aged, which I started here. Today I’ll be continuing with Haus of Gloi, but moving on to the samples I have. They sell perfume samples in cute little 1 mL tubes with an applicator wand. I have about 50 HoG perfume samples (!!!), so I’ll be splitting this up. Today I’m reviewing the rest of the general catalog, which is available year-round.

This review doesn’t include Cozy Sweater, Troika, or Vice, because I covered those here. It also doesn’t include Imp or Lavender Sugar, because I don’t have those (I think I gifted them a while ago).

HoG: General Catalog samples

Wormwood and anise swim in a creamy green sea of lemon balm and soft glowing mints. A hefty lump of sugar and the tiniest drop of suggestive deep green moss.
Originally purchased: December 2014
In bottle: It’s both sharp and lemony AND cool and minty at the same time. All anchored with an herbal greenness.
On skin: It smells like cough drops. You know, the weird lemon Hall’s cough drops that are hard but have a gooey bit in the middle? It’s cool, lemony, and medicinal. It wants to be sweet but it’s a little too bitter.
Drydown: Eventually the bitterness goes away and it almost smells like lemonheads. It’s still has a little bit of that minty coolness to it.
Afterthoughts: This is way better than I remember, I remember it just being so bitter. I like this a lot now, after the cough drop smell goes away.

A bewitching blend of clove, nutmeg and coconut, on a bed of rich golden amber, sandalwood and spilled wine.
Originally purchased: December 2014
In bottle: This is wine. It smells like wine, mixed with something resiny.
On skin: It smells so boozy! I don’t know how they made something that smells like straight booze without being booze. It’s also a little resiny but I can’t get over that this makes me smell like a wino.
Drydown: The resiny smells (amber?) come out more over time, but it still smells soooo boozy. I don’t want to wear this in public.
Afterthoughts: I don’t love Haus of Gloi’s amber note! It’s a little overpowering. That plus straight booze make a scent that I don’t really like!


It’s ALL I CAN SMELL. photo credit: Bugger via photopin (license)

Elevenses (no longer available)
Fluffy little orange cakes, sugar coated toasty almonds and a wee steaming cup of black tea.
Originally purchased: October 2014
In bottle: It’s very citrusy. There’s kind of a baked goods and sweet glaze smell to it. It also smells a little medicinal.
On skin: Sweet citrusy baked goods. Like a coffee cake with orange glaze. But it also kind of smells like orange cough syrup–not as bad as cherry, but still weirdly medicinal.
Drydown: It starts to smell plasticky on the drydown, which is such a shame! It just smells like plasticky vanilla and orange medicine.
Afterthoughts: Disappointing and artificial-smelling.

via Tumblr

Sorry guys, no elevenses today. (via Tumblr)

Haus Amber
Rich and sultry amber, our own hand blended accord.
Originally purchased: December 2014
In bottle: I’m getting pretty wary about HoG’s amber notes, so I’m not super stoked to wear this. It smells pretty resiny, but slightly sweeter than I remembered.
On skin: That’s amber alright. Sweet and resiny. Right now this smells a little better on its own than in the other mixes. I only put a tiny bit on tho.
Drydown: This is really strong. My skin really amps this up. Over time it gets kind of a gross smell, it smells kind of like bad breath. Like I said, I don’t love it.
Afterthoughts: Definitely something to avoid in the future.

Honeysuckle Lemon Curd
Rich lemon curd with a touch of fresh honeysuckle.
Originally purchased: October 2014
In bottle: Mostly sweet lemon. It’s veering a little lemon Pledge-y.
On skin: It’s so lemoney! It doesn’t smell like lemon candy like how I remember, there’s definitely more of a cleaning supplies smell. There’s a faint floral whiff in the background.
Drydown: It kind of smells ok from far away, like if it’s on my wrists and my hands are away from my face, but again, just cleaning product close up. It reminds me a little of dirty mop water.
Afterthoughts: This was my go-to comfort smell when I got it, I’m a little disappointed this one turned out so badly!


This perfume does not need more lemon pledge. Source: DeviantArt

Insalata Nocturna
Italian lemon, rubbed tomato leaf, olive leaf, black fig syrup and basil.
Originally purchased: December 2014
In bottle: It’s very green, like basil, with a bit of a sharp, almost lemony bite.
On skin: I smell basil and lemon. I think I would like it more without the lemon, it takes away from the pleasant green-ness of it.
Drydown: It doesn’t go all lemon Pledgey like Honeysuckle Lemon Curd, but it does kind of smell like soap. Pass!
Afterthoughts: The notes sound like something I would really like! All lemons and figs and green leaves. Alas, it just smells like fancy soap. Not bad, but not something I want to smell like! I do think it would make a nice lotion, or, heh, soap.

Litchi Milk Tea
Tart lychee fruit and black tea met with a splash of coconut milk.
Originally purchased: October 2014
In bottle: Oh, it’s so sweet. Like, cloying. It smells a lot like cough syrup! There is a hint of sweet lychee fruit underneath the sticky sweetness.
On skin: My skin eats this one so I can hardly smell it unless I sniff very close to my wrist. It is still a very syrupy sweetness. It reminds me of shampoo. Again, there’s just a hint of lychee, but mostly shampoo.
Drydown: The lychee fights for a while and eventually peeks out. It’s very faint by the time it does though.
Afterthoughts: This one morphed from sweet, light lychee to straight cough syrup. No thank you.

Madcap Garden (no longer available)
A lively blend of pure black tea chilled with peppermint and the tiniest spike of sweet honey.
Originally purchased: October 2014
In bottle: Very, very minty! It smells like both peppermint tea and peppermint candy.
On skin: It’s very cool and minty. It’s also quite sweet in a way that I can’t quite put my finger on, but it still reminds me of hard candy.
Drydown: It gets less cool and more sweet over time. It starts to smell a little like oversteeped, cold herbal tea. There’s also something a little plasticky in the background, which is a shame.
Afterthoughts: This was never my favorite anyway. It reminds me a lot of cool peppermint tea, which is not my favorite. I don’t know why it smells plasticky now though!

Cool peppermint tea

It’s just not my cup of tea. photo credit: Pfefferminz Tee via photopin (license)

Mango Sticky Rice
Sweet mango, coconut infused rice and toasted sesame.
Originally purchased: October 2014
In bottle: It smells like spices and sweet fruit and something a little savory, too.
On skin: It smells like yummy candy with just a hint of toasted sesame. The sesame balances it in a nice way.
Drydown: Ehh this just gets less sweet and more and more sesame over time. I don’t really want to smell like sesame all day.
Afterthoughts: Pretty much what I remember from it. My skin amps up the sesame like crazy, I’m not into it.

Moon Dog
Pure cracked coconut, dry sandalwood essence, heated with nutmeg and clove.
Originally purchased: December 2014
In bottle: This smells like lotion. Like cheap hotel lotion or something.
On skin: This is nice. It has this sweet powdery smell that I assume is sandalwood? It almost smells warm. It doesn’t have a lot of throw on me. It kind of smells like generic toiletries.
Drydown: It gets more and more powdery over time, but I can’t really smell it except up close. There’s a hint of spice to it, but very faint.
Afterthoughts: It’s ok. Sandalwood doesn’t agree with me, but the spices are nice.


This is p much what this perfume experience is like. photo credit: Mae via photopin (license)

Peach Mama
Peach nectar and a host of resins: offertory frankincense, styrax, copaiba balsam and ambered labdanum absolute. Warmed with cassia and a barely audible breath of black patchouli.
Originally purchased: December 2014
In bottle: Vaguely sweet and resiny. Not a hint of peach.
On skin:  Sweet and resiny. I can smell a little peach, but it doesn’t really smell fruity or dessert-like at all.
Drydown: This does get sweeter and peachier over time. It actually mixes with the resins quite nicely. The sweetness is a little syrupy to me.
Afterthoughts: I want to like this, but it’s a little syrupy. My skin really throws it. I’ll probably smell like patchouli all day too, my skin amps the hell out of it!

Sun scorched mahogany bough crusted with a crystalline sea spray! Faint plundered spices, lemongrass, coconuts, expressed Mexican lime, and Haitian bay rum.
Originally purchased: December 2014
In bottle: Lime candy!
On skin: Lime! But also a faint hint of bad breath. Oh boy.
Drydown: The lime gets pretty strong and powdery. It has a hint of something unpleasant in the background.
Afterthoughts: I think a lot of perfumeries have a scent like this one, at least with a similar theme/inspiration. I think it might make a really refreshing scrub. Also, the scent description is pretty complex for HoG, but I still can pretty much only smell lime!

Rose City
Red roses and the earthy wet scent of aged patchouli.
Originally purchased: December 2014
In bottle: Roses! And something sharp and less pleasant.
On skin: Roses and dirt. It’s a really nice rose note, it’s sweet and wet. But the dirtiness is sharp and spicy, and I like it less.
Drydown: It’s so spicy. It starts to smell less rosey and more dirty over time. I really liked it in the bottle but I don’t like it on me. 😦 I bet it would smell great on the gf though…hmmm…
Afterthoughts: I really like the rose note, don’t love the patchouli note. And my skin amps patchouli so I’m gonna smell like it aaaalllll day.

Roses in the rain.

Like this, with more dirt. photo credit: _DSC8428 via photopin (license)

Italian blood orange drizzled with a blackened vanilla.
Originally purchased: October 2014
In bottle: Orange creamsicles! It’s tart and creamy.
On skin: Orange and creamy, but a little plasticky.
Drydown: The orange in this smells REALLY GOOD. Like it’s tart and juicy and perfect. But the vanilla is SO BAD. It’s all plasticky! It smells like this vanilla-scented baby toy I saw once, just fake plasticky vanilla. It’s so sad!
Afterthoughts: I’m getting real tired of HoG’s vanilla turning into plastic on me. I still think this would make a really good B&B smell, maybe as a soap or a scrub.

Twice Is Nice
Buttery sugar cookie, with shavings of creamy coconut and topped with toasted almond slivers.
Originally purchased: October 2014
In bottle: It’s cloyingly sweet. I smell baked goods and coconut.
On skin: Man this is just TOO sweet. But it smells like cookies!
Drydown: This has major throw on me, but it’s mostly the coconut. It smells like these toasted coconut chips I got once, but more sweet. It gets kind of creamy and buttery as it calms down.
Afterthoughts: I have a bubbling scrub in this scent and I LOVE it. I do not love this. It is much more cloying.

When all is said and done, I don’t really love these perfumes anymore. I think HoG’s amber and vanilla don’t work on my skin after they have aged. I also think my tastes have changed. Haus of Gloi’s scents are overall pretty simple, and they are mostly very sweet and gourmand. My tastes have changed a bit, I still like sweet scents, but not foodie stuff. I prefer complex, green smells that morph a little as you wear them. I still really like HoG’s bath and body products though–their whipped soap is my go-to! I just probably won’t jump on all of the perfumes in the future. 🙂


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