A Journey in Aging: HoG Valentine’s and Spring

Hey team! The journey in aging continues. Today I’ll be going over the rest of Haus of Gloi‘s Valentine’s collection (a few are over here), as well as spring collection perfumes. Let’s hop to it!

HoG Valentine’s

Come Hither
Bourbon vanilla, tonka bean, a touch of rose oil, Queen Elizabeth root, three threads of saffron and a touch of honey to sweeten the whole deal.
Originally purchased: January 2015
In bottle: It smells a little chocolatey, but not necessarily sweet.
On skin: This is very faint. I just smell florals now. Again, not really sweet.
Drydown: It gets a little spicy and more rosey as time goes on. Eventually it also gets plasticky.
Afterthoughts: Vanillaaaaa! *shakes fist* Aged HoG vanilla goes bad on my skin, unfortunately. It’s one to avoid in the future, I think.

Cozy Rose
Cozy Sweater and our Rose City blended together harmoniously
Originally purchased: January 2015
In bottle: Rose and incense! Yummy.
On skin: This kind of disappears on me. I smell rose but only a little bit.
Drydown: After a few minutes this starts to bloom on my skin really nicely, and I can smell the incense more. It basically just smells like Cozy Sweater at this point, only with a hint of rose, and without the gross smell I get from my aged bottle.
Afterthoughts: This pretty much just smells like exactly what’s on the bottle: Cozy Sweater mixed with Rose City (both general catalog scents). The big difference is that I weirdly don’t smell a lot of patchouli in this one, even though my skins usually amps the hell out of it.

First Blush
Tahitian vanilla bean, white tea, lavender and peach.
Originally purchased: January 2015
In bottle: It’s very…citrusy? It’s very strong and cloying, like cough syrup.
On skin: It is much less syrupy on my skin. It’s just a sharp, not too sweet citrus.
Drydown: Idk what to make of this really, it’s kind of a soapy fruity floral. Not bad but a little boring.
Afterthoughts: Okaaaay so I guess it’s peach. It’s a really syrupy, cloying peach though. I don’t think I’ll be wearing this.

Clean sun dried linens, tuberose, ginger lily and white musk.
Originally purchased: January 2015
In bottle: This just smells like dryer sheets. I don’t use dryer sheets anymore soooo not sure that I like this.
On skin: Dryer sheeeeeets.
Drydown: Dryer sheets dryer sheets dryer sheets.
Afterthoughts: Idc what the descriptions say, this is just dryer sheets. Yup. Don’t like it.

HoG Spring

A blooming orange orchard, orange blossom honey, soft white tea and creamy white amber.
Originally purchased: March 2015
In bottle: This is a sharp, sharp green. There’s something soapy there too.
On skin: It’s very green. It reminds me of fresh-cut grass and dandelions.
Drydown: This has a nice throw, it smells a little floral. It’s still a nice green, but it gets less sharp and more soft and floral over time.
Afterthoughts: I’m not really sure why this is so, so green. I made the same observation when I first reviewed this though. It seems that it stayed pretty similar: A sharp green punch to the face that gets softer and sweeter over time.

Flushed, but demure. Fresh milk, clean linens, pale musk and pink sweet pea blossom.
Originally purchased: March 2015
In bottle: I can’t really place this one. Strawberries? It’s pretty sweet and a little watery. Side note, this oil has a gorgeous color.
On skin: It smells like pie, or compote. Warm, sticky strawberries.
Drydown: Yeah it just stays like that. It doesn’t have a lot of throw on me. It’s a little sour, a little sweet.
Afterthoughts: Yeah I have no idea why this smells like strawberries on me.

Well worn leather, dirt n’ dandelions, carrot, a pinch of tobacco and a light sheen of feral skin musk.
Originally purchased: March 2015
In bottle: This smells like perfect damp garden dirt. Omg.
On skin: Perfectly dirty dirt with a hint of something else that I can’t quite put my finger on–probably flowers or amber or something? Not sure.
Drydown: This smells really familiar but I can’t quite put my finger on it. It’s kind of frustrating! Some kind of “clean” smell. The clean and dirty together is a little weird.
Afterthoughts: The clean smell is definitely leather. I don’t really like HoG’s leather, I’m not sure why.

The break of waves, gurgling sea foam, kelp, rain tinged air, sand smoothed driftwood and wild sage.
Originally purchased: March 2015
In bottle: Oh, this is yummy. It’s sweet and a little soapy, but it reminds me a lot of sixteen92’s The Awakening, but sweeter. It smells like the sea!
On skin: This is really cool and wet, it reminds me a little of cucumbers. It’s also sweet though. Like a little wet and a little floral.
Drydown: This gets weird over time. It’s a little too sweet, and a little tart. It smells like fancy soap.
Afterthoughts: I think this would make an awesome soap, it smells so clean!

White cake, lemon zest glaze and sugared violets.
Originally purchased: March 2015
In bottle: It’s very sweet. Maybe baked goods and raspberries? Not sure.
On skin: Cake? Is it cake? It might be cake.
Drydown: It gets a little stronger on me over time, but it loses the baked goods smell and starts to smell fruity and powdery.
Afterthoughts: I’m guessing the violets went powdery? A lot of people talk about that but it doesn’t usually happen to me, I usually like violets.

To be honest, Valentine’s and Spring releases were never my favorite Haus of Gloi collections (they really shine at autumn and winter, imo). I am happy about going through them though, because now I have some ideas of what whipped soaps and lotions to pick up next time they come out. Again, I don’t love a lot of these as perfumes, partly because they are very simple, and partly because they morph weirdly on my skin. I also think I have to add leather to my list of HoG notes to avoid, it turns weird when it ages. :/


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