A Journey in Aging: HoG Summer

Today’s aging review is for Haus of Gloi‘s summer collection. Unfortunately I never actually reviewed this collection on the blog! So I don’t have notes to compare my thoughts. 😦 I guess we can consider this my official HoG summer review then.

I also used this opportunity to review the Tonics. In the spring, Haus of Gloi sometimes releases scents called “Tonic #x.” This year, they were #3, #4, and #5. These aren’t really aged (they’re about 6 months old), but I wanted to touch on them because they are thematically similar to the summer collection (lots of green notes), and because I haven’t given them a review here yet!

Haus of Gloi’s Summer

Lemon cake made with the tang of fresh buttermilk and raspberry coulis – an otherwise innocent cake corrupted by cardamom and deceptive pink peppercorns. 
Originally purchased: June 2015
In bottle: I wanna say this is baked goods and flowers. It’s sweet and familiar but very hard to place for me.
On skin: I’m gonna go with lemon ginger cookies. Those are three things I can definitely smell in here.
Drydown: This gets really lemony and a little dirty over time. It’s a weird clean/dirty smell. I like it a lot though, it’s a pleasant, not Pledge-y lemon.
Afterthoughts: Yup, lemon, baked goods, and spices. I like this a lot, I think it would make a delightful summer lotion.

Lemon sandwich cookies

Creamy lemony cookies!photo credit: Lemon Macarons via photopin (license)

The Briar Path
Sun drenched trail leading to a day dream of ripe berries and woods rose, rich forest loam, ozone, dark amber and cream.
Originally purchased: June 2015
In bottle: It smells like fruit gummies to me.
On skin: It’s a lot of very sweet fruit, with a little bit of something that smells like wet wood.
Drydown: This gets really really sweet. Too sweet tbh. Very, very overripe berries.
Afterthoughts: I can smell the earthiness in this for like two seconds before it just turns into super sweet berries. It’s a little disappointing!

Drift Wood
Sun bleached driftwood, dry black musk, warm sand, dune grasses and a damp oceanic breeze.
Originally purchased: June 2015
In bottle: This smells kinda gross to me. It smells a little like potpourri, but also something nasty.
On skin: This smells like potpourri and dryness. Like something about it smells bone-dry, probably something salty.
Drydown: The dry saltiness dies down over time and it really just smells like potpourri. Not something I want to smell like all day.
Afterthoughts: I usually really like oceany smells but HoG has a knack for making them smell like a bathroom. I think it would make a good soap, but a less good perfume.

Komodo (no longer available?)
Mangosteen, Tahitian vanilla bean, dragon blood resin and faded tropical blooms.
Originally purchased: June 2015
In bottle: I thiiiink this is floral+passionfruit.
On skin: Fruity, floral, with a touch of halitosis. :/
Drydown: Fruit and bad breath. Blech.
Afterthoughts: Something in this turned nasty. I’m gonna say the vanilla because I’ve been having bad luck with aged HoG vanilla, but who knows.

A thick haze of tonka and black vanilla, three jasmines, tuberose and ylang ylang.
Originally purchased: June 2015
In bottle: This is gross. It smells kind of like nail polish remover. Not a hint of sweetness, just gross rubbery nasty.
On skin: It really does smell like tire rubber. It’s also a little medicinal. This is just super gross to me. It does have a slight undercurrent of sunblock, which I can smell when my wrist is away from my nose, but it doesn’t salvage this.
Drydown: Ok, the gross whatever actually goes away over time. Once it’s gone, this smells like a mixture of candy cigarettes and sunblock.
Afterthoughts: Ok, like I really don’t like white florals (jasmine, tuberose), but it doesn’t normally smell so awful. Something went really bad in this over time. I really like this after it calms down, and it’s got great throw, but I don’t know if I can get over the nasty punch in the face when I open it. :/

Candy cigarettes

This is pretty much what this smells like, after it’s done being awful.Source: boards.weddingbee.com

A welcome respite: Muskmelon, coconut water infused with bergamot flower, kaffir lime, polished ho wood and sticky benzoin.
Originally purchased: June 2015
In bottle: Very citrus! It’s super sweet.
On skin: This is delicious. Oh my gosh. It’s so sweet and tasty. It’s a little bit tart but not too much. It smells like candy!
Drydown: This gets really watery as it dries, but the candy sweetness remains. I adore this.
Afterthoughts: I’m pretty sure I had this as a whipped soap and I loooved it. I may have to get it in a lotion, too! Also, I had to look up muskmelon, but it turns out that’s a broad term for many kinds of melons, including cantaloupe and honeydew, which does not surprise me.

The sun at its apex: Dry gingergrass, litsea cubeba, neroli, frankincense tears, saffron infused honey, rosemary and the faint touch of true sweet cinnamon bark.
Originally purchased: June 2015
In bottle: It smells a little minty, and a little grassy. It’s a refreshing smell.
On skin: This smells like fruity candy mixed with mint. It’s cool and sweet in a refreshing way. It’s a great, light summer scent.
Drydown: This is just a really great citrus. The mintiness fades over time. It’s somehow not very sweet, despite the candy-like scent. It’s hard to explain, there’s something else there that I can’t quite articulate, but I like it a lot.
Afterthoughts: I wasn’t sure why this smelled so citrus to me, until I looked up Litsea cubeba. Litsea cubeba, or May Chang, is an evergreen tree, but the essential oil acts as a citrusy top note. Mystery solved! Still not sure about the mint, but it may be the same note.

Tart cranberry, pink grapefruit, sparkling champagne all shook up with crushed ginger root.
Originally purchased: June 2015
In bottle: Oh wow, this is fruity and fizzy. It smells like a carbonated fruit soda. It’s amazing, it actually smells fizzy!
On skin: It’s so bright! It’s a tiny bit citrus, and a little bit berry, a lot of bright fizziness.
Drydown: It’s just so fizzy I can’t get over it. Wow! Is that aldehydes? Idk.
Afterthoughts: I’ve heard that sparkly champagne notes are often aldehydes. I’ve also heard that aldehydes age weirdly, but this is still really yummy. I think this would make an amazing soap, scrub, or anything. Yum!

Berries in champagne

Berries and bubbly!photo credit: 160630-8718-XM1.jpg via photopin (license)

The Tonics

Tonic #3
A clean and green blend of: parsley, peppermint, howood, petitgrain, kaffir leaf, bergamot and dry gingergrass.
Originally purchased: February 2016
In bottle:  This is super minty!
On skin: It’s less minty, and a little green. I think I smell wood and basil. It’s very cooling and light. There is also something vaguely smoky about it.
Drydown: This turns less minty and more smoky and green over time. It reminds me a lot of Apothecary, but less awful on me.
Afterthoughts: I’m surprised that there’s nothing in common with Apothecary here, they really have a similar tone. They are both pretty herbal, though I like the touch of mint in this one, it makes it feel very fresh, instead of old and musty like Apothecary.

Tonic #4
Yuzu, basil, cilantro, lemongrass and raw sugar cane accord.
Originally purchased: February 2016
In bottle: This smells kind of citrusy, in a cleaning product way, but also a little musty. It’s a little weird.
On skin: I only put a teeny bit on because I’m afraid this might have cinnamon, which really irritates my skin. It’s very weird, it reminds me a lot of fresh cut grass and garden vegetables, but it also kind of smells like it’s burning. Not smoky per se, just burning. It sticks in my nose in a less than pleasant way.
Drydown: It gets less weird over time and starts to smell more like just fresh cut grass and vegetables.
Afterthoughts: Cilantro is definitely the major component I get in the drydown. I have no idea why it smelled so weird at the beginning though…


This one’s not for the cilantro haters.photo credit: june-2015-43 via photopin (license)

Tonic #5
Sweetgrass and aquatic notes with lavender, tea tree and rosemary.
Originally purchased: February 2016
In bottle: Also green, surprise! This one is a little sweeter than the others, and the green a little less biting.
On skin: This is yummy, juicy sweet green. It’s probably my favorite of the bunch. It smells a teeny bit soapy and wet.
Drydown: The green fades away but it stays sweet and wet, and maybe a little spicy, in a way.
Afterthoughts: This is my favorite of the tonics, probably because it’s also a little sweet and aquatic. I also got this one in a bar soap, not only did it smell amazing, it was gorgeous too!


Overall I liked this collection a lot more than I expected. Probably because I never took the time to write out what I thought about the summer collection when I first got it, so my thoughts didn’t stick in my head. These are light, fruity, green and aquatic, and I like a lot of them. I’ve gotten several in whipped soap form and they were divine!

Next up is going to be where HoG shines the most, and the most relevant collection right now: Autumn! It’s going to be a long one, stay tuned!


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