New company review: The Porcelain Tub

Today I’m writing about a newish indie perfume company, The Porcelain Tub. I read a rave review of them and decided I had to try them out for myself. One cool thing is that not only do they make allegedly awesome perfume oils, they also donate part of their proceeds to various organizations that help save the oceans. This month (September 2016) the featured charity is Oceana, which makes science-based campaigns to change policy to help save our oceans.

Initial thoughts (these are notes I wrote right after getting the package):

It came in a padded envelope. Inside was a little gold wrapping paper packet. It had a paper seal on it that says “Mermaid Approved.” I can get behind that! Inside the wrapping paper is a bunch of bubble wrap. Inside the bubble wrap is the perfume! There are 6 little vials: 5 that I ordered plus a freebie. Each of the samples is in its own little plastic sleeve, and the freebie has a little thank you note in it (which also included a code for free shipping in September–I blurred that out of the pictures!). The packaging overall was incredibly secure.

Each of the samples is in a little one-mL tube. They each have incredibly detailed labels; they include the perfume name, number, and a description of notes. There’s a lot of attention to detail here that I really appreciate. My one beef is that the labels are attached to the vials with very thin sticky strips; I could see them falling off easily over time. It’s my only concern though.

On to the smell babies!

The Porcelain Tub

Cactus Flower
Green cactus, honey, chamomile, ylang ylang, spearmint, lemon
In bottle: This is very sweet, yummy, and a little green and fizzy.
Wet on skin: Fizzy sweet green, it reminds me a little bit of Sprite tbh.
Drydown: This is extremely sweet, almost cloying. It’s still all fizzy in a way that I like, with just a bite of sharp green.
Afterthoughts: The honey, spearmint, and lemon combine in a heavenly way is this one. The florals are surprisingly subdued, I don’t really notice them. The cactus I’m assuming the green head note, but it doesn’t stick around for long. This is one I got as a bonus, I shied away from it because I don’t like chamomile, but it’s really subtle in this.

City Lights
Peach, bergamot, orange, amber, jasmine, lily, vanilla, vetiver
In bottle: Candy sweet and a little powdery. It reminds me a lot of soft gummy candy.
Wet on skin: Still candy, but it’s a little subdued. It’s very sweet, maybe a little softly floral.
Drydown: This is pretty consistent, just soft and floral and so sweet.
Afterthoughts: This is a lot more bright and juicy than I would have expected from the white floral-amber-vetiver basenote triple punch. A lot of times I find jasmine and amber to be a little overwhelming, but here it just adds a velvety softness that really adds to it. This is incredibly well done.

Girl in Tweed
Lime, pear, rose, linden blossom, sandalwood, vanilla, musk, almond
In bottle: Fresh, aquatic, a tiny bit soapy and very sweet.
Wet on skin: This is yummyyyy, it smells just a bit fruity and juicy with something sweet and soapy lurking in the back. (not soapy in a bad way, soapy like I could see this as a bath and body product, I guess)
Drydown: It fades into something sophisticated and floral, but still very sweet. It’s soft and subdued.
Afterthoughts: The fruity head on this is so wonderful. It’s so juicy. It stays sweet all the way down, and the layers fade into each other nicely.

Lake House
Lemon, red apple, lily, ocean, gardenia, Texas cedarwood
In bottle: This is STRONG, it’s a tiny bit aquatic but very sweet, it reminds me of febreeze or something.
Wet on skin: It’s flowery, aquatic, and very very sweet. It still just reminds me of room spray more than anything. This would smell great on my couch, on me, not so much.
Drydown: Like, it’s a really nice sweet floral, but all I can smell is febreeze.
Afterthoughts: Ok now that I look at the notes it looks like the description of a “beachy” room spray with a dumb name like “Life’s a Beach” and a picture of sand and those beach lounge chairs. I will admit that, again, I usually hate those white floral notes and they’re very nice in this, not gross or cloying at all.

Sleeping Beauty
Grapefruit, tangerine, gardenia, vanilla, rose, white musk, amber
In bottle: This is powdery and soft, just like the namesake. Fruity and floral.
Wet on skin: One thing that I’ve noticed about these oils is that the smell kind of disappears when I first put it on, but it gets very strong as it dries. Kind of a weird progression. Anyway, this is a little less powdery when I put it on, but it’s sweet and fruity, and a little cool and watery in an intriguing way.
Drydown: I can’t really put my finger on what this smells like. It’s soft, powdery and sweet, but I can’t pick out anything specific.
Afterthoughts: A powdery fruity-floral scent fit for a princess for sure.

Sunset BLVD.
Orange, tangerine, watermelon, musk, grapefruit, honeysuckle
In bottle: This is so sweet and fizzy! Even more like soda than Cactus Flower, omg.
Wet on skin: This is very citrusy. It smells a little like cleaning stuff, but not a lot. It’s mostly just sweet fizzy citrus. It reminds me of orange soda!
Drydown: It gets a little less fizzy and more powdery on me as it dries down. Yup. This one is especially strong on me, I can smell it really strongly when my wrist is no where near my face, it’s pretty cool!
Afterthoughts: So much fruit! That doesn’t surprise me, this is probably the fruitiest of all of them that I tried.


Overall, I really like these. The six that I tried were all squarely in the fruity-floral category, so if you love those I would encourage you to check out The Porcelain Tub on Etsy! I was really impressed with the quality of the fragrances that I tried. The fruits are juicy and unbelievably strong and long-lasting, which usually isn’t the case with fruity top notes. And the white florals that she seems to use a lot as base notes are soft, sweet, and powdery, and lack the weird, cloying quality I often see in white florals.

The Porcelain Tub is a newer company that offers many perfume oils in various sizes. They also offer a coffee chapstick and coffee body scrub that I haven’t tried yet. I’m excited to see how they grow in the future.


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