Darling Clandestine Early Autumn 2016

Guys, GUYS. I am obsessed with Darling Clandestine. I haven’t gushed about these perfumes on my blog in far too long! (like I literally haven’t in a year and a half?? How does that happen?) Today I’ll be reviewing some perfumes from the Early Autumn collection; they aren’t up anymore but DC scents often come back with little warning! Keep your eyes peeled!


Lookit those beautiful smellbabies *heart eyes*

Darling Clandestine Early Autumn 2016

Dewlap Valentine
Earthy and sweet and green and reptilian. The original was bursting with strawberries and greens and an undercurrent of “reptile.” This year’s version dials back the strawberry and cranks up the reptile.
In bottle: It’s kind of spicy-sweet with a little bit of fruitiness.
On skin: Yup, gonna stick with that description. It’s a little herbal and sharp, and a little fruity. It’s an interesting combo that I don’t think I’ve really experienced before.
Drydown: This is so creamy and fruity on me. There’s a little bit of herbal-ness still, but mostly only when I sniff close up. Otherwise it’s just straight strawberries and cream on me. Yummmmmm.
Afterthoughts: This is one DC scent that I was pining for for a while! I’m a little surprised that the strawberries are toned down in this batch, bc that’s really all that I can smell after a while. It’s so yummy!

Cacao absolute, the very finest oakmoss, juniper berries, cardamom, just a tiny bit of ylang-ylang, a pinch of chipotle pepper, and dark vanilla.
In bottle: This is like…sweet in a weird way? It reminds me of some other DC scent, I want to say it smells a little like Vardogr (one of my all-time favorites) but I’m not sure.
On skin: Ok, so this definitely has a little bit of the same damp cold feel as Vardogr. I also smell something really sweet, probably floral, and I’m convinced that I smell chocolate buuuut I’m not sure.
Drydown: This gets soft, sweet, and powdery on the dry down. It’s still a little damp and earthy. It smells really familiar. I really love it, probably bc it reminds me a lot of Vardogr, but more soft and sweet.
Afterthoughts: This is another one I had been wanting to try for a while. It did not disappoint, I love it a lot. Also, I’m really glad this actually has chocolate in it. 🙂

A hotter and juicier version of the sugar-skull favorite. YEARS ago some of you had occasion to try the heady cordial cherry-frosted sugar skully brew that was Dulcinea, splashed with red wine and dark chocolate and roasted coffee and leather. THIS version, instead of cherry, has twists of mango and tamarind dusted with chile.
In bottle: This is so sweet! It’s a little caramelly and a little fruity. It leans a little towards cough syrup imo, so hopefully that won’t stay…it’s also got some warmth to it, something toasty.
On skin: Emphasis on the warm and toasty. It’s still sweet, and it’s more herbal than cough syrup. Not a lot of throw on me rn, I have to sniff right up by my wrists. :/
Drydown: This really doesn’t throw on me, which is too bad. 😦 It’s still got that herbal sweetness to it. It’s got almost a metallic tang to it as it wears. But I really can’t smell it unless I sniff my wrists!
Afterthoughts: I think I’m going to have to let this one age and get back to it. My skin just swallows it!

Fire Eater
This edition of Fire Eater is a “culmination blend” that merges the finer points of the odd, hot, gasoline-flare original and the “fizzy grape” edition from two years ago.
In bottle: It’s so juicy! It reminds me of super sweet candy, like Nerds.
On skin: Oh this changes a lot on my skin. The sweetness is barely there anymore, and it’s got a weird bitterness to it. It’s like burning rubber and something herbal.
Drydown: From far away, like when my hands are away from my face, this is really nice and sweet and like grape candy. But close up it is so bitter.
Afterthoughts: I wasn’t sure what to think of this, but fizzy grape and gasoline-flare would sum it up. I don’t really smell gasoline as much as rubber tires and herbal, though.

Hotel Clandestine
It’s my own version of spa-fresh invigorating, with highlights of ruby red grapefruit and currant and bright garden herbs, with just enough can’t-put-my-finger on it dark nostalgia to make it DarlingClandestine. It’s REALLY GOOD, dude.
In bottle: It smells soapy in a way I haven’t really encountered with DC scents. It kind of reminds me of fresh cut vegetables and fruity shampoo.
On skin: Oh this is sharp. It cuts like a knife. It’s green and grassy in one sniff and then sweet like hard candy  and orange peels in the next. It gets real sweet real fast. Wow. This is like an olfactory punch in the face. I like it!
Drydown: It stays sweet and citrusy for a while. It has really excellent throw for a fruity smell which is always great.
Afterthoughts: I love Evonne’s scent descriptions. I’ve gotta agree, it’s REALLY GOOD, dude. Also, atmospherically, I totally can see this as a hotel soap scent, at least on cold sniff. Once I put it on, it’s like BAM! And my skin’s like AMP AMP AMP, so it’s a different experience then haha. She also originally sold this in a set with lotion and conditioner, which I didn’t get because 1) I have way too much lotion already and 2) I don’t really have a lot of hair. 🙂


As usual, DC does not disappoint. Her Falloween collection is in the shop right now, including the elusive and amazing Balm for Live Bodies (which I reviewed here). If you haven’t tried Darling Clandestine yet I urge you to take the plunge, you won’t be disappointed!


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