sixteen92 Halloween collection

Hey everyone! Today I’m covering yet another sixteen92 collection, this one for Halloween. Sixteen92 really shines in the fall I think, some of their best scents come out then. These ones are inspired by and named after different haunted places all over the world, and the full sized bottles have a little Ouija planchette on them, which is p cute!

I also got a full size of Cotton Mather from the fall collection, isn’t it beautiful?

sixteen92 Halloween 2016

The Bell Witch
Sweet cider barrels, orchard wood, blond tobacco leaf, cave and forest moss, glowing pumpkin, dry leaves, turned earth
In bottle: This is sweet, gourmand, and a teeny bit earthy.
On skin: It reminds me a little of Shadow Show–it’s got a little dirt, a little sweet, and a little bit of something that could be buttered popcorn. It’s more sweet than Shadow Show, and it’s missing the metallic tang. I think it has some sweet, sweet apples, or something similar.
Drydown: This one gets sweet and heady on the drydown, and has pretty good throw. I think that’s true of a lot of this collection! They tend to get really sweet and powdery. This one leans more sweet, less powdery.
Afterthoughts: My skin really amps the cider! I like how atmospheric this is, both this and Shadow Show feel like a foggy, empty, earthy place, it’s perfect for Halloween.

Borley Rectory
Italian bergamot, cocao pod, smoked black tea, decayed woods, faded parchment, shadowy musk
In bottle: It’s very peppery. It also smells a little like chocolate and candy.
On skin: This is really confusing to me? It’s like a little sweet and a little (very) peppery. It also reminds me a little of Vick’s.
Drydown: This gets more sweet and powdery as it dries down. It’s still a little mentholy and in-your-face and strange. I can’t really place this one!
Afterthoughts: ??? This doesn’t make a lot of sense to me! I have no idea why this just smells like black pepper and menthol to me. It’s probably a weird skin chemistry thing!

The Island of the Dolls
Mexican vanilla, dry bergamot, somber rose, dark chocolate, black plum, dense woods, porcelain musk
In bottle: Chocolate and flowers!
On skin: It smells a lot like chocolate candy, but a little less gourmand and more mature–I really do think there’s some sort of floral in here, but I’m not sure exactly what.
Drydown: This gets really sweet and quite powdery as it dries. The chocolate is mostly gone at this point. It’s a little heady and very “perfumey” and soft.
Afterthoughts: I think that the atmosphere of this scent is so fitting. It’s girly yet haunting. Perfect for the Island of the Dolls.

Myrtles Plantation
Oleander leaf and bloom, labdanum, white sage, fig leaf, blood orange, suede musk
In bottle: This is so sweet, it’s like candy! There’s also a damp, ozoney feel to it.
On skin: It’s still pretty sweet and juicy, but a lot more floral. It’s damp and almost astringent. It feels like it would clear your sinuses if you had a cold, heh.
Drydown: It’s so damp and ozoney. I really like it. It stays sweet but I can’t put my finger on what kind of sweet it is. This one isn’t as strong on me as some of the others in this collection.
Afterthoughts: This is the most candy-smelling orange, it’s so juicy. And the labdanum helps it all smell clean and fresh. This one is really great.

Waverly Hills
Dense fern, frost, wild moss, raw honey & propolis (vegan), black labdanum, overgrown vines, late-blooming Southern florals, spectral musk
In bottle: Ooooh, this smells like flowers and honey. Like I’ve never smelled a perfume that smells this much like honey to me.
On skin: This is boozy! And extremely flowery. I usually don’t like “white floral” scents, but sixteen92 does them very well. This is like big, white waxy flowers with a splash of rum and a drizzle of honey. It’s very strong on me.
Drydown: This stays really heady for a while. It’s a little surprising how strong this is on me. The honey gets stronger over time, so it starts to smell more like it did on cold sniff, mostly warm honey and some flowers.
Afterthoughts: I’m ok with this being straight up honey on me, I really like it a lot. The labdanum and musk don’t surprise me, because it is pretty sweet and powdery, but all of the green notes do, because I’m not noticing that at all! Also, mini-lesson of the day, propolis is a resin that bees use to glue up their hives! It’s used for structural stability and to seal any alternate entrances that predators could use. Claire’s perfumes are totally vegan though, so this is still vegan friendly. Which I think makes it even more surprising how much this smells like perfect honey to me!


Overall, these scents really do have a kind of a spooky atmosphere. They are all damp and misty and lonely. Claire is great at atmospheric scents, and this collection is a great testament to that. These are still up on her website, along with some other more simple limited editions, so go check them out!


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