It’s the most wonderful time of the year! (HoG Autumn 2016)

Hey everyone!

Happy autumn! It’s time for cooler weather, pumpkin spice lattes, and wearing boots and scarves. If only the weather would cooperate (global warming! *shakes fist*). The other thing I love about fall, though, is the perfume! Autumn perfumes are my absolute favorites, if you couldn’t tell by my sixteen92 Autumn Collection review.

Today I’ll be talking about Haus of Gloi’s autumn collection! Or, a very small part of it. I only got two new perfumes this year, because I had collected the rest in years past (#gottacatchemall). I’ll be re-reviewing those soon (and maybe reviewing some of them for the first time?), as part of my Journey in Aging series.

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Let’s talk about perfume! (sixteen92 Summer 2016 collection)

Can we talk about how much fun it is to smell pretty things? I love it! I think I’ve been getting better at it, slowly honing my nose over time. It’s a great superpower to have, and it’s super convenient for tasting, too, since tasting and smelling are to intertwined! I love beer tasting; maybe I’ll bring that to the blog sometime, too!

Today I want to talk about sixteen92’s Summer 2016 collection. I adore sixteen92, they are one of my favorite perfume and bath/body companies. I was a member of their Circle for a year (which is basically a deal where you are among the first to get samples for each of their collections!), but unfortunately could not renew this year due to budgeting issues. 😦 But I do have the summer sample set, and I’m planning on getting the fall sample set (it comes out on Wednesday, August 24th at noon EST/11 am CST!).

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Sixteen92 review

Hey team!
I recently bought a bunch of samples from a newer indie company, Sixteen92! Sixteen92 specializes in perfumes, but recently started making lotions and body washes as well. I picked up a few lotion samples and their best sellers perfume sample pack. Spoiler alert: I am IN LOVE with this company. Check out this review and I’ll tell you why!

Hand and Body Lotion samples


Check out these cuties! 1oz. lotion samples.

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Solstice Scents Review: Winter 2014 Collection and more

Hey team!
Today I’m doing a little review of a new-to-me brand, Solstice Scents! Solstice Scents is a super popular indie perfume company with an impressive list of scents. For my first purchase, I got samples of their winter collection perfumes, and one of their “Burnishing Glaces” (a unique product that you’re supposed to spray on yourself after a shower, to moisturize your skin and make you smell great). I also got free perfume samples in Pumpkin Spice Latte, a fall collection scent that I picked out, and Manor, a scent in their Foxcroft Collection (inspired by a quaint town in Maine) that I think I got because it was my first purchase from them.

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Haus of Gloi review: permanent scents

I officially have samples of all of Haus of Gloi’s permanent scents!! #gottacatchemall Haus of Gloi is one of my favorite indie companies, and I needed all of the permanent ones. For science. I figured it would be nice to do one big review of the scents all together. Be warned, they have 21 permanent scents, so this may be a little long!

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