Darling Clandestine Early Autumn 2016

Guys, GUYS. I am obsessed with Darling Clandestine. I haven’t gushed about these perfumes on my blog in far too long! (like I literally haven’t in a year and a half?? How does that happen?) Today I’ll be reviewing some perfumes from the Early Autumn collection; they aren’t up anymore but DC scents often come back with little warning! Keep your eyes peeled!


Lookit those beautiful smellbabies *heart eyes*

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Darling Clandestine Mayfly!

Hey team!

I have yet another Darling Clandestine review today. 🙂 (Is it obvious that they’re my favorite??) This was just a tiny purchase I made before they closed for about a month! She had a few scents available, but I ended up getting a bitsy and full sized solid of Mayfly, because it sounded so bright and springy! As a bonus, she threw in a bitsy of another scent I don’t have, Kendraberry. 🙂

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Ginormous Darling Clandestine review!

Hey team!

I recently got a HUGE Darling Clandestine order that I’m super excited to share with you! This was three different orders combined, oops! Darling Clandestine is one of my all time favorite perfumeries, they make very high quality products and unique, intriguing scents. In this order, I got a few of my old favorites in extra forms–I got a full sized bottle of Limerence and bitsy solids of Supernova Sway and Vardogr (click on those links to see my reviews of those!). The oils and solids smell super similar, maybe a little different in the container but the same on the skin. I love layering them, it makes it stronger and last forever!

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Darling Clandestine Valentine’s Collection!

Hey team!

Happy late Valentine’s day! Today I’m here to share Darling Clandestine‘s Valentine’s day collection. I’ve only ordered from Darling Clandestine twice but they’re quickly becoming my favorite perfumery. Their scents are just so unique and lovely! Their Valentine’s collection is unfortunately unavailable now…it sold out quick! But some spring collection scents are up for sale now, so act quick!
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Small Fry Friday: Darling Clandestine Halochrome review!

Hey team!

I’ve decided to change my Friday posts a little! I was trying to do Friday favorites, but they’re a little boring. So now I’m going to do Small Fry Friday (lol), and just end the week with a short post about whatever I feel like posting about. 🙂

Today I’m here to share a mini review of another Darling Clandestine perfume oil, Halochrome. I’ve been really excited to try this one, because it was inspired when the owner, Evonne, saw a picture of a fluorescently-stained cell line. Guys, fluorescence imaging is pretty much what most of my thesis work will be. And I may even use halochromic substances (guys that change color with pH) to measure the pH of intracellular structures. So basically…I was legally obligated to get it. Basically.  Continue reading

Darling Clandestine review!

Hello everyone!

I recently got a bunch of new perfumes from Darling Clandestine! Darling Clandestine is a small indie company, and the owner, Evonne, prides herself on creating unique fragrances the likes of which you’ll never find anywhere else. I’ve been so excited to try Darling Clandestine, and I was not disappointed! I’m so excited to share this review with you!

Look at all of these pretties! Also--I just got a new lightbox! :D

Look at all of these pretties!
Also–I just got a new lightbox! 😀

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