Feminism Friday!!

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Geek Chic Cosmetics review: Ever In Your Favor collection (& more!)

Hey team!

I have eyeshadow swatches from Geek Chic Cosmetics to share with you today! During their Black Friday sale I picked up samples of all of their eyeshadows in the Ever In Your Favor collection (inspired by The Hunger Games!!), as well as their color of the month, The Troubles. I’ll also share¬†a shade I owned¬†already, Lady of the Golden Wood (inspired by Galadriel from LotR).

Ever In Your Favor

I did these swatches in my new lightbox, so they're the best quality, hehe.

I did these swatches in my new lightbox, so they’re the best quality, hehe.

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Sixteen92 review

Hey team!
I recently bought a bunch of samples from a newer indie company, Sixteen92! Sixteen92 specializes in perfumes, but recently started making lotions and body washes as well. I picked up a few lotion samples and their best sellers perfume sample pack. Spoiler alert: I am IN LOVE with this company. Check out this review and I’ll tell you why!

Hand and Body Lotion samples


Check out these cuties! 1oz. lotion samples.

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Solstice Scents Review: Winter 2014 Collection and more

Hey team!
Today I’m doing a little review of a new-to-me brand, Solstice Scents! Solstice Scents is a super popular indie perfume company with an impressive list of scents. For my first purchase, I got samples of their winter collection perfumes, and one of their “Burnishing Glaces” (a unique product that you’re supposed to spray on yourself after a shower, to moisturize your skin and make you smell great). I also got free perfume samples in Pumpkin Spice Latte, a fall collection scent that I picked out, and Manor, a scent in their Foxcroft Collection (inspired by a quaint town in Maine) that I think I got because it was my first purchase from them.

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