A Journey in Aging: HoG Autumn

Today I’m continuing my Journey in Aging! Today I’m talking some more about the greatest perfume season: autumn! There are lots in this one because Haus of Gloi‘s fall collection is huuuuuge, so here we go…

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A Journey in Aging…Perfumes.

I’m obsessed with the idea of aging.

I love the idea of things changing and getting better and better over time. I think that it’s magical that things can grow and change in unpredictable ways, with only time.

Did you know that perfumes age? It’s true! Perfumes can change how they smell over the years, or even within weeks or days! I think that’s so fantastic, that they transform and morph over time.

I’ve decided that I want to see how some of my favorites have changed over time. I started buying indie perfumes around two years ago (!), so I have some oldies in my collection. My personal taste has aged (heh) over time too, and I think it’ll be fun seeing how my perfumes and my taste have changed.

I want to start with my Haus of Gloi full-size collection. This is partly because HoG was the first indie perfume/b&b company I really got into! Some of these are among my first purchases. It’s also because my HoG collection is fairly small, I have 9 full sized perfumes. I don’t really get their perfumes anymore, for various reasons, but I love their whipped soaps and pumpkin butters, so I snatch them up all the time still.

So without further ado…

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