Science and Research

I love science.

I love what science allows us to do: Learn more about the world we live in. I love learning about the immensely complicated things humans from all over the world and throughout time have been able to deduce with what seems now to be rudimentary technology. I love what amazing things people are still discovering with the technology we have now. I love the amazing pace at which technology is evolving, and the ways it changes our lives, and how it all started with one person saying “I wonder…”

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Friday Favorites

I’ve always thought that the “Friday Favorites” thing that bloggers do is kind of funny. Basically, they list a bunch of their favorite…whatever they feel like. Favorite recipe. Favorite music video. Favorite laundry room. Favorite faucet. Favorite post-apocalyptic dictator. Whatever they feel like. But you know what? It actually seems like a good idea. You have a post ready to go every week, and your readers get to learn a little about you. Neat!

Are you ready? Here is my first Friday Favorites list!

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