sixteen92 Halloween collection

Hey everyone! Today I’m covering yet another sixteen92 collection, this one for Halloween. Sixteen92 really shines in the fall I think, some of their best scents come out then. These ones are inspired by and named after different haunted places all over the world, and the full sized bottles have a little Ouija planchette on them, which is p cute!

I also got a full size of Cotton Mather from the fall collection, isn’t it beautiful?

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sixteen92 Fall Collection

Why do I talk about perfumes so much? Obviously because I like perfumes, but I find reviewing them to be relaxing and methodical. I also think it’s fun to guess what things smell like! I’m not very good at it yet, I guess things wrong all the time (see: Tituba, at the end). But I think I’m getting better and it’s a lot of fun!

Writing about perfumes also helps me collect my thoughts. I have a LOT of perfumes now, especially little sample vials. Writing down what I think of them helps me decide if I want to revisit them, or gift them, or get a full size. It also helps me organize a little. For example, I never reviewed sixteen92’s spring collection, and I didn’t realize until recently that I received 2 vials of Blanket of the Dark instead of A Thousand Times More Fair, which is sad because the latter sounds amazing (honeysuckle, plums, and peaches!).

Anyway, today I’ll be talking about sixteen92’s Fall 2016 collection. Claire, the lovely owner, based this collection on, fittingly, the 1692 Salem Witch Trials. Sixteen92 is one of my favorite perfumeries, and I love fall scents, so I’m really looking forward to this collection.

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Let’s talk about perfume! (sixteen92 Summer 2016 collection)

Can we talk about how much fun it is to smell pretty things? I love it! I think I’ve been getting better at it, slowly honing my nose over time. It’s a great superpower to have, and it’s super convenient for tasting, too, since tasting and smelling are to intertwined! I love beer tasting; maybe I’ll bring that to the blog sometime, too!

Today I want to talk about sixteen92’s Summer 2016 collection. I adore sixteen92, they are one of my favorite perfume and bath/body companies. I was a member of their Circle for a year (which is basically a deal where you are among the first to get samples for each of their collections!), but unfortunately could not renew this year due to budgeting issues. 😦 But I do have the summer sample set, and I’m planning on getting the fall sample set (it comes out on Wednesday, August 24th at noon EST/11 am CST!).

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Personal ramblings and Sixteen92’s The Circle

I’ve been doing a lot of soul searching lately. I think it’s doing a lot of good.

Do any of you guys read Wait But Why? It’s a pretty rad blog with a lot of cool posts, but one in particular really helped change the way I look at things. It’s about the Procrastination Matrix. It helped me realize how I procrastinate and why. I realized that blogging became my ultimate procrastination destination when I was studying for quals. Because of that, I was able to pump out 4 or 5 posts a WEEK. Wow! But since quals are over and gone, my blog has felt more important. It isn’t for procrastination, it’s for my soul. It’s to get myself out there, to make myself more comfortable being open, to share my thoughts, even to improve my writing skills! So it isn’t something I do while procrastinating anymore. And that makes it hard.

I have a lot of exciting thoughts bouncing around in my head, though! I really want to share them with you. I’ll do my best to buckle down and try to post a little something every week. Just for you beautiful people. 😉

And to start it off…perfume! One of my favorite things. 😉 Sixteen92, one of my faves, recently announced a quarterly subscription box called The Circle. Basically for one easy payment you get samples of all of the seasonal releases! It’s a dream come true! Of course I hopped right on that. And I’m so glad I did, the summer collection is fabulous! It’s inspired by the jazz era and the smells are all feminine and lovely. Read on for more of my thoughts! Continue reading

Sixteen92-Supercell and others!

Hey team!

I got a few more samples and such from Sixteen92! Sixteen92 is a fairly new perfumery with a witchy vibe that I adore. They recently released a) a limited edition thunderstorm-inspired perfume oil called Supercell, and b) a yearly subscription service called The Circle, and I GOT BOTH! 😀 😀 So happy! I haven’t received anything from The Circle (I won’t for a few months), but today I can share Supercell plus some regular collection smells with you!

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Sixteen92 review: Winter collection and more!

Hey team!

I recently bought samples of Sixteen92‘s winter collection perfumes. Sixteen92 is a newer indie perfume company with a witchy, alchemical vibe. Their scents are often inspired by literature, history, art, and magic. They did two collections this winter, the Winter Collection and the Hot Chocolate Bar. The Hot Chocolate Bar sounds like chocolate overload, and I already have their Mexican Hot Chocolate perfume and Toasted Marshmallow lotion, so I passed on that and just got the Winter Collection. I also grabbed another one of their lotions, which I am excited about, too! Continue reading